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What Is the Normal Shaft Length for Women's Golf Clubs

Women who play golf should consider buying equipment that is made for women, as opposed to playing with a set designed for a man. Women's sets, even standard sets off the rack, are designed with women in mind, and the shaft length of women's clubs is just one of the differences to consider.

Basketball Speed Training

Speed is a vital component for success in the sport of basketball. Basketball players are not so much worried about speed in a 40- or 100-yard dash. Basketball speed is more about lateral quickness and running in short bursts, as the game is played on a court that is just 94 feet long. Speed trainin

Houstons Top Four Airport Hotels

Houston has great activity areas to offer its tourists. It offers great vacation deals for both leisure and business travelers. They also have the best airport hotels for you to stay in.

How to Renew a Wrestling Mat

To ensure the quality and safety of your wrestling mats, it is important that mats are kept clean and free of any gouges, nicks or tears. These following steps can restore your mats back to their original form.

Golf Grip to Cure Slicing

Most beginning golfers have problems with slicing the ball or hooking the ball when they hit a shot. A slice--which is recognized by the banana-shaped trajectory of the ball--starts heading to the left (for a right-handed golfer), then dramatically begins to curve to the right, ending up far to the

Body Clock - The Best Time for Exercise

Your body has a natural rhythm called your circadian rhythm or body clock. It functions on a 24 hour time frame based on the time you get up and go to bed. Keeping a consistent pattern to your sleep habits helps you to determine what the best time of day is to exercise for you.

Competitions Online

There are hundreds of competitions online now days and thousands and thousands of people participating in it and winning prizes.

How to Memorize a College Football Playbook

Memorizing anything, regardless of the topic, requires patience, commitment and hard work. A football playbook not only requires you to memorize a bunch of squiggles on a page, but you must also know which squiggle represents you, and what you are required to do for that play. In addition, you must

How to Make a Heavy Weighted Vest

Wearing a heavy weighted vest during your exercise routine can increase the intensity of your workout. You can wear a weighted vest to make resistance or endurance exercises such as push-ups, squats and dead lifts more strenuous to improve the results of your workout. Wearing a weighted vest while r

6 Pack Abs Exercises

Many want to have six pack abs and are not quite sure what kind of exercises to do. I have a couple of exercises for you to think about.

10 Minutes to Six Pack Abs - Lose Belly Fat Without the Hard Work

Are you working your abdominals too hard? Are you spending two to three hours doing hundreds or thousands of sit-ups? Are you struggling to lose belly fat despite all this hard work? Then, I will tell you that you are doing all wrong to achieve six pack abs. In addition, I will tell you that you onl

Growing Taller - How to Grow Taller With Spine Stretching

As soon as one reaches adulthood and they are still shorter in length as they would like to be, they always feel as though all hope has been lost. People unhappy with their height will do everything possible to look taller, because they believe that growing taller at their age is virtually impossibl

How to Be an NTPA Super Farm Tractor Puller

The National Tractor Pullers Association, otherwise known as the NTPA, is the official association for the sport of tractor pulling in the United States. The NTPA has different categories and levels of competition and holds competitions throughout the year, culminating in an annual national competit

Fly Fishing Knots-how To Tie A Knot To Ensure You Don' t Lose Out On A Catch

Knowing how to utilize fly fishing knots is an extremely important skill to have when mastering the sport of fly fishing. Fly fishing is a sport that is becoming more and more popular every day. If you are unfamiliar of fly fishing, here's a quick history, and most importantly, what fly fishing

Fast Workouts to Help You Lose Fat Faster Than You Thought Possible

How do you fit in an effective fat loss workout when you've got a million different things pulling you in a million different directions? Can you fit in a fast workout if you're a busy mom or dad? Yes you can and it doesn't take as much time as you think. Read on to find out how you c

Amateur Boxing Rules & Regulations

If you want to be a boxer, you had better be willing to cut your hair. At least, you'll need to cut it if you want to box in the United States.That's just one of the guidelines set forth by USA Boxing, which follows the rules implemented by the International Amateur Boxing Association (A