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How To Manage Stress - Check Out These Useful Tips

Are you bogged down by stress? You know, stress can lead to a number of different illnesses and sicknesses. In fact, scientific research has shown that it is the root cause of many of today's illnesses and sicknesses. If you want to stay healthy, you should stay stress-free. Of course, it is im

Mystique of Inner Beauty - Shift Happens

Beneath the fear, hesitation and uncertainty is a timeless heart of unerring beauty. With faith in your inner wisdom, the next step becomes easy to take. Put one foot in front of the next, slowly and

Developing your psychic skills (Part 1)

From what i have read so far one of the main things about developing your psychic skills or Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) i prefer to this name as it makes it accessible to everyone. We ...

The Coach's Magic Communications Calendar

I don't know about you, but on a rather regular basis I have a lot of communicating to do – a weekly ezine, a blog to post to 2-3 times a week, social media tweeting and posting, email corres

Are You Willing to Pay "The Price?"

Often we set our hearts on a goal or something we would like to have in our lives and we consistently fail to realize it. For some inexplicable reason we stumble and the dream never materializes. We look back and blame external circumstances or people and events. For a select few they also look with

Procrastination - Dissolved - In Minutes!

So we make the grand plan, and we are so excited! We are really focused and nothing will stop us this time! How many times have you felt this? But then you just don't get on it quickly enough and it slowly disappears into the unfulfilled dream! The habit of procrastination can be dissolved in m

Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction seems to carry a puzzling aura to most people, who are not able to decipher the significance of how powerful the mind can be to their lives.

How To Be Emotionally Strong In 5 Simple Steps

Knowing how to be emotionally strong will help you cope with tough occasions to emerge better, stronger and more confident with yourself. Here are 5 simple steps to do that.

Live Your Best Life Through Greater Personal Development

A lоt of people find that growing as an individual can be a difficult thing to do. Sometimes you hear tips from people that ɦelp, and sometimes you hear tipѕ that don't help. What you ...

Harnessing Positive Dreams

I love gravity-defying dreams. I had one last night. I climbed on top of a large rock and jumped off. Before I hit the ground I had the power to slow myself down and enjoy ...