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Lessons of Greatness To The Future

It is a crude age, violent and disheartening deeds. But slowly is being trained to discipline and self discipline all in the interest of the sustainability of the human race. The character of our age, the western tradition and the accepted way of life has been scribbled by many authors.

The Well Lived Life Requires Wisdom

Many people today believe that a mind full of information or even knowledge is all it takes to succeed, be happy or feel contented with life. Sorry to say - they are all wrong. What is required for sustained success, inner peace and happiness that is not dependent on what you own or your position is

Rise Above the Ashes!

If you are now living in the lowest status of life and a life that have always a storm, great disappointment and failures, don't be discourage and worry my friend, I tell you, you can rise! Rise Above

Why Meditate? Intriguing Advantages and Wonders of Meditating

What are the reasons to do meditation? Which attributes of your life receive positive aspects of meditation and which miracles lie in wait? Earning the rewards of meditation is not hard - it only involves a bare minimum of 30 minutes of day-to-day devotion and your willingness to hold your focus on

Gambling - Going For Broke

Ever been in that self-destructive cycle of needing that win to make up for, and cover up all the stupid, mindless losses? Ever felt like you have to keep going?

Reasons Why You Need a Good Time Management System

It is important to understand that you should not break your head on a matter that has simply become impossible under prevailing circumstances. You will also be surprised at how simple some problems could turn out if only you took them in manageable portions. The method of handling a task in small m

How to Be Aligned on Your Passion

Alignment to ones passion comes through a retrospective look at two crucial stages of your life. The last impulse of your passions will manifest for the last time in your life at the stage of half-time of your life. As you enter this beautiful moment for you to align your deep passion that correspon

3 Times You Should Stay Quiet During A Meeting

Many of us talk too much, and some of us say the wrong thing at the wrong time. We must learn the importance of silence, especially during sensitive discussions. In many cases, saying nothing is the smart move.

Einstein Inspires Creative Thinking

Would you like to be a creative thinker like Albert Einstein? You might not discover the theory for relativity but you can learn from Einstein's creative thinking techniques and apply them to your creative problem solving challenges.

How to Become a Pleasing Aroma to the Lord

Present your bodies as living sacrifices.This was the first verse that I thought when I have read the verse that was written above. Humans were created by God like lambs that are to be sacrificed to Him. We, as humans, should offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the God of heavens who first found

Hobby Your Stress Away - How To Use A Hobby To Reduce Stress

How many different times would you say that you are stressed out during the day?For some of us, the stress may never leave us at all!This is especially true for those of us that have a combined responsibility, both at work and at home.It can be difficult for us to be able to handle these situations

What? Another Change! How to Cope With Change

As a creative provider, I have to cope with change on a daily, if not hourly basis. Since the digital age made my job easier to make changes, clients seem to think that multitudes of changes are no big deal.

Photography Produced Simple - Tips For Stunning Photos!

Photography is usually an extremely fulfilling recreational activity. If you need to complete it proper, you should place in some work and be proactive in obtaining understanding. The following article provides you with individuals widespread ...

How to Find the Correct Counsellor

Everyone's life is full of issues. It could be moral issues, monetary issues, or anything else. Sometimes you don't know what to do with the ongoing issues. At this time, you do need counselling from experts. From the online available directories of counsellor, you will get plenty of couns

True Pro-Activeness - By Thought, Not Feeling

How do we contribute to our own problems?Surely the key to our success and overall happiness is derived from within ourselves and our own thinking.It patently has little or nothing to do with others at all.

Playing Games With Your Mood

So my niece is back in town for just a bit and we got together with the family for some fellowship yesterday. As we sat down to the table, the familiar sibling argument began between her and her little brother about who is going to sit where and who gets to sit next to mom. The updated version inclu

Creating the Characters for Your Everyday Dramas

Copyright (c) 2009 Mary Lloyd Daily emotional life can be painful. The snub. The really mean person. Someone else's problem that you drop everything to solve. We think these dramas are caused by other people. ...

The Best Times As We Ascend

We are living in the best of time. Never before have we had the ability to Ascend into the higher realms that will allow us to transform and transmute humanity into a Peaceful and Loving one. We are being presented with new tools that allow us to clear Karmic issues, helping us to make exponential p