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Steps to a More Positive You

Let little bursts of happiness seep into your daily life. Optimists go through life seeing the glass half full. Pessimists see the glass half empty. Admittedly, it can be tough seeing the bright side, especially when so much of society seems focused on the gloom.

How to Create a Magnetic Bulletin Board

If you would like to make your memo organized well, you may consider the use of magnetic bulletin board that is great for you. The presence of this board is really functional because it can ...

Why Do Young People Use Drugs? Digging a Little Deeper!

There are lots of very obvious reasons mentioned we people talk about why young people do drugs.I believe that we have to look a little deeper as a society to get all many of the foundational reasons.Here's one.

Clean and Sober in Baja California

Baja California is thought to be a place were booze runs cheap and fast, and drug violence prevails. But what is actually happening here is quite different than the old image. Governments and locals alike have been working to bring sobriety to those who ask for help. CRREAD was established to serve

Drinking Sensibly: 6 Tips for Preventing a Hangover

If you've never experienced the shakiness, throbbing headache, queasy stomach, cotton mouth, sandpaper tongue, and the overall feeling of having been trod upon by a herd of cattle that comes with the dreaded curse called ...

Grief Does Not Always Include Anger

Most people assume that anger is part of grief. This isn't always true. You may be grieving now and worry about not getting angry.

Fear Of The Unknown

Fear of the never encountered. Fear of the yet to happen. Whenever we leave the security of the here and now, we tread into uncharted waters. The mind with it's fertile imagination mostly chooses catastrophic images.

Creating Structures For Happiness and Bypassing Those Which Bring You Down

At first it may seem trite, but the benefit is akin to owning the most fertile land on the planet where a lifetime of harvesting can be reaped. The state of joy is a state of freedom and it creates a path of least resistance to all that you desire. A happy child is a child who does well across the b

The Way of Inner Guidance - Knowing What is True

In accessing inner guidance, it is important to know how to listen without fear, and how to trust what one is hearing, sensing, or feeling.This allows the gentle message of the soul to plant itself in the heart, creating a sense of "rightness" which becomes the basis for acting.

Books Have The Power To Transform Your Life

Books are inspirational tools that can change people who are probably at a very low peak in their lives. Books elevate them to a higher level. Books are known as the powerhouse of inspiration.

The Loneliness and Isolation of a 64-Year-Old American

One of my psychotherapy clients says to me, "I am 64 years old. I have arthritis in my knees. I stand up all day at work and ride a bus which takes hours to and from. I work on Saturdays and Sundays so that cuts out almost all of my social time I would have at church. Funds are very tight."

Ten Reasons to Continue Blogging

The last few months blogging has been great and have been a nightmare at the same time. I started at the beginning of August 2006, so I am in my 4th month of blogging.The reason I started writing a blog was down to three people:

Passion and Purpose

Personal growth - we must discover what interests you, what makes you happy, what makes you feel happy, what makes you happy to get up the next day! A "passion" is a combination of something you love, and something you do feel satisfied. Some of these passions can become a means by which y

Energy Management: A System for Achieving Goals

A recent recording of a life coach was saying that from a survey he did, only 5% of the participants of most of the self-improvement seminars he went to actually felt that they had attained their goals from the class. The reason was because when left to apply what they learned on their own, most peo

How To Write For Expression And Profit

You have heard the poem: "I Bargained With Life For A Penny, And Life Would Pay No More." The bard goes on to say: 'had you asked more of life you might have received more.' Truly, the pen is a powerful weapon, able to inspire or despair to the heights and depths of intellect. We

How To Make Effective Decisions

Decision making is the process of taking a definite position on a particular issue on which action must be taken. It can be defined as a choice made between two or more possible courses of action. Decision making involves making up ones mind. It is an activity that happens every day, every time and