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Learn Techniques to Help You Study - Focus on Those at the Party

Do you have trouble remembering a large number of items? Do you have trouble focusing on remembering these items? Although, "-Focus on Those at the Party" is an exercise that is designed to help you learn to focus your mind, it will also help you remember many more items than you ever thou

Five Words That Will Change Your Life

In our efforts at self-improvement we find that there are so many areas that we would like to change.Some desire happiness or wealth.Some wish they could eliminate disorders or simply feel better.The list of what we would like to enhance seems to be endless.

Day Starter

We are getting prepared for something! Think of many issues that arise in your life. When you just rewind your memory and see them it's like watching a movie!

Expectation Is Everything

You cannot control the vibration of other people. You cannot control the behavior of other people. You cannot control the attitudes of other people. You cannot control them. BUT...

If We Love The Dog So Much, Why Do We Hate Being Called A Dog

Our females sometimes bitch. Our males can act like mad dogs. In fact the deranged dog is the most effective description of an individual who has lost all control. And that is the point. Does a dog loose it's mind, or does it discover one of its own?

5 Differences Between Wishful Thinking and Intentional Action

Often we stay in the same place because we expect change to occur only because we want it to. However, change occurs because we choose to get our hands dirty. Wishing isn't hard work, but working out our wishes is another matter indeed, worth every ounce of struggle and risk.

Effective Time Management for Adults with ADD

Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Koretsky One of the core principles of managing adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is learning how to work with it, instead of fighting against it. This means building on your strengths, ...

It is Possible to Learn Even When Asleep Through Subliminal Learning

It's amazing but true that it is possible to learn even in deep sleep. When a person is asleep, the activities around the person still continue to happen. The brain picks these signals and stores it. The difference in the functioning of brain when the person is asleep as compared to when he is

Stress Relief Through Music Therapy

How many people suffer from stress these days? Experts tell us that in the west it's the majority of people! That probably accounts for the fact that stress relief programs appear like mushrooms. Some are useless, but many work - and one of the best has proved to be music therapy. It works not

What Is Your Clutter Barometer?

If only we could blame the barometer for the clutter that builds up where we live. You desperately want to live in an orderly and peaceful environment. What keeps holding you back? It seems like for every step you take to get organized, you take two steps back! Read on for tips to organizing your wo

Futile Persistence: How Do You Know When To Stop?

We live in a fast-paced world where people want what they want now. But one of the key differences in those who succeed in their online business and those who fail is persistence. Is there a limit to persistence? Does persistence become time wasting at some point? If so, how do we recognize when to

Self Improvement Tips

Are there ways to acquire free self improvement ideas? In today's generation where electronic technology is at its peak, tips on character building can be accessed free of charge anywhere across the world. However, a ...