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Weight Loss Motivation

Let's take a scenario that two sport men are the position of starting line of a race. Both of them have the same ability, healthy status, well trained. After the race started, who will be ...

Excellence Is Not An Act

Aristotle has great words of wisdom. He says, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but..."

5 Pro Tricks That Will Definitely Help You Stop Procrastinating

When I started learning about my habits I realized that most of which I never wanted came up because of my procrastination. The thing is, when you procrastinate you will have lots of time to waste and your brain will constantly search for activities that will generally drain your energy.

What's Holding You Back?

Maybe you don't even realize you're being held back? Did you know there's a way to move forward in your life without having to lift a finger? Do you ever find yourself backtracking to events and situations in your past? Or jump out into the future of what your life "should"

Build Health and Success

In this article, Geoff Thompson shares on pyramids and pallets for building health and success.Geoff Thompson is a martial arts guru, best selling author and BAFTA winning screen writer.

How Would You Like to Get Even With Your X?

My beginnings to the get even cycle were tearing me apart emotionally but also spiritually and physically as well. I knew there was a part of me that wanted to "get even" at this person ...

Rich Celebrity Power Girls

I tried to analyze the success of the highest earning celebrity women in the world. The conclusion is the following - all the rich and famous women I am talking in the article made their millions with their talent and hard work, they all started without money and ended up rich and famous! We all can

The Power of Subconscious Suggestion

Subconscious suggestion is one of the premier methods that you can use to actually try and improve your life, and this is because of the fact that the one controlling element of the entire human soul

Guide to Understanding the Bible With Confidence

Some people think that understanding the Bible is just too hard and therefore never even try to develop a deeper understanding of it's meanings and truths.As Christians, we are promised an interpreter who is the Holy Spirit who will reveal the meaning to us.The benefits of this understanding go

Really Make Positive Thinking Work For You

Discover how to overcome some of the barriers that are stopping you from fully benefiting from the power of positive thinking. Simple and easy to follow tips and guidance.

The Most Important Person in Your Life Is?

Imagine that there is someone whom you have to spend the rest of your life with. You have to spend every minute of every day with this person, day in and day out. This person is the first one you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last person you see when you go to sleep.

Create a Strategic Life Plan As a Road Map to Your Future

Can you visualize your future 10 or 15 years from now? What does it look like? How does it feel? More than a vision, this is a description of the lifestyle you want to have 10-15 years from now. Creating a strategic life plan is just as important as having a strategic plan for your business. Without

God's Consistency

Everything in our world seems to be changing - always has and always will. Political leaders change, governments change, things come and go. Clothing styles change. Think what they were when you were younger and how they are now. Of course, we see some of those trends repeated.

Discovering Your Strengths May Be the Key to Happiness

Depression, anxiety and general sadness plague millions of people every year. Anyone who has dealt with these conditions and feelings know just how difficult it can be to pull yourself out of the downward spiral. Finding that elusive key to happiness becomes a lifelong struggle for some, while for o

Success Starts with the Correct Attitude

Regardless of where you find yourself or your situation, one of the keys to success is having a can do attitude. Remember when you were in grade school and one of your classmates would say ...

7 Powerful Steps to Build Your Self-Confidence

If you want to build your self-confidence, follow the list of powerful tips here. The list of tips here is proven steps to bring back your confidence to your life. Apply these steps whenever you ...

The Communication Formula

What is communication really? What are the laws that surround it? This article is about the components of the communication formula, as developed by philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard.

Roadblocks or Signposts Along the Journey

The first line of a short hymn from my childhood church is "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." It came to mind this morning upon reflection of the role of blessings in our lives, and the various forms they may take. Some blessings are appreciated only in hindsight, as pain may be th

herbal male enhancement

Since they are all- natural, they have excellent safety profile.If you want to achieve an amazing staying power in bed with harder and more frequent erections, choose one herbal male enlargement product that can deliver ...