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Personality Test--Discover Your Genius

In these days of overused phrases like, "thinking out of the box," "looking for synergy," and finding one's "passion," what most people are really seeking is recognition and expression of their genius. I don't mean ...

The Secret Place: Higher Consciousness

Each new day that I awake it seems that life takes on a new direction...towards the same goal I have always had, I just didn't know it. Beneath consciousness is a dark place where I cannot see the very things that drive me, that create me, that make me who I am right now. But I hear sounds, noi

Storms and Strong Winds - Doom, Gloom, and Defeat - What is Going On?

Scripture declares that good things, as well as prosperity, wealth, and any kind of favor come to us as a direct result of what we say; to put it another way, our words have an impact on the kind of life we will experience. This teaching will establish the importance of discontinuing the thoughts an

Bullying in the Workplace - What Is It and How Can It Be Prevented?

Ideally, once we reach adulthood, the torment of bullying should be left far behind us. However, that is unfortunately not the case for many working adults. Harassment and bullying exist in the adult world, and it tends to come out in the workplace. Some working environments are hotbeds of abuse.

7 Ways To Pick Yourself Up

Every now and then we all feel a little down in the dumps, sometimes even depressed and overwhelmed. We may feel bad because we fall short of our goals and we feel like failures. It seems impossible t

The Basics of Hypnosis

Youve seen the stage acts where a hypnotist selects someone out of the audience and when he claps his hands, the unwilling participant struts around the stage clucking like a chicken. Just remember that no one controls your mind unless you first grant permission!

Keeping it Simple

Over the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there'

The Spiritual Power of Gratitude

In a world packed with materialistic possessions, it is an often scene to see people showing some displays of ungratefulness for things that other people do to them. Especially nowadays that people are so focused only on thinking about their own selves, the spiritual power of gratitude has finally b

You Can Change the World, You See in 2013

Is there one universe, in which we all live in one world, where we all get to experience the same reality? I do not believe so, I believe that we all get to experience our own form of reality, where everything we see as "our reality", is filtered by our perception filters, through which we

Building Good Relationships

Building Good Relationships is essential if we are to prosper and enjoy a successful life. Communication is at the heart of good social and business intercourse. To enjoy good communication it is essential that trust ...

Emotional Avoidance: What Can Happen When We Avoid Our Emotions?

No matter how old or young someone is, where they have come from on this planet or if they are male or female, one thing is clear, and that is that they will have emotions. For this is part of the human experience, without them life wouldn't be the same.

How to Spot the 4 Personality Types

Have you ever been sold on a weight loss product because you were told that it's worked for everyone else!Not everyone's systems are the same and therefore, not every product will work for everyone.Personalities are the same way.If everyone were alike and thought the same, it might be easi

Do You Lead, or Just Wonder Where It's Gonna Go?

I was facilitating a leadership workshop recently and afterwards, one of the participants came up to me and said, "I've been handling leadership in my business a lot like I handle my golf game. I stand over the ball, set up for my swing, and wonder where it's gonna go." He went o

Self Help - How To Get To The Other Side Of Fear

Discover what fear really is and how to move through it to the glorious personal growth that lies on the other side. Courage is like a muscle, the more you use it, the bigger it gets. Each time you conquer fear you expand your comfort zone.