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Positively Positive - Now That's The Right Stuff

I want you to improve! There's room for improvement. When you win we all win! You and I can become part of a community for positive improvement. We don't invent we just keep on improving. I'm not asking you to volunteer or hit the streets for this cause. I want what you want as long a

Do You Have the Courage to Change?

Self development and improvement is all about change. If we were happy with the status quo, we wouldn't be seeking to improve ourselves, would we? Yet, change requires us to get out of our comfort ...

The Basics Needed For Success

Regardless of whether it is individual, group or team success we are pursuing there is wide array of skills, knowledge and passion needed to attain our prescribed definition of success. Each pursuit will be individually different depending on a number of issues involved. The individuals or team memb

Self-Confidence Hypnosis Training

Self-confidence hypnosis training programs are used by some of the world's successful business leaders and athletes. They help you visualize success and achieve things that you would not normally be obtainable. They help shy people become great public speakers and nerdy kids pick up girls. You

What Exactly Happens in a Residential Rehab Centre?

Drug addiction is one of the most encountered health disorders by the youth of today. Described as a pathological condition, where the diagnosis of drug inflicted diseases are made through bodily fluids, drug addiction refers to a state of an extensive use of drugs which gradually leads to it's

How to Succeed in Every Area of Life - Be the Ultimate King

Every wants to taste success magnetism but it is a building process and where ever you get or achieve in life is a direct result of what you wanted out of it. Life does come with road blocks but the one who is hungry to succeed always developed escape routes to overcome these roadblocks and be the u

4 Methods For Improving Concentration and Memory

Many people underestimate the importance of the ability to focus and its impact in our daily lives. Learn 4 methods you can put to use right now to dramatically increase your ability to concentrate.

Verisimilitude - Truth and Credibility

Verisimilitude is not simple. There are many who disavow it or who do not believe in the individual rights of others. While they may spout these rights as truths, they also limit them to their own definition. But to be authentic, true to yourself, can you live within the confines of another's d

Emotional and Mental Stress

Emotional stress is a tricky thing and often hard to overcome. It requires self-reflection and self-discipline; which are two things most people tend to avoid. An example for a situation which causes a bit of emotional stress is when a parent grounds a child who has misbehaved. The parent empathizes

Where is Your Faith?

When your Faith is truly in GOD you trust that in His time He will fulfill whatever it is that He has said or promised. Take a moment to take an open and honest personal inventory of everything that is happening in your life. Guess what God already knows as well! Despite your circumstances; good, ba

Smart Goal Setting - Writing the Goals

Having a clear picture on each goal step makes the achieving part of smart goal setting much easier. The steps in this article will guide you through how to break you desires into tangible goals.

The Importance of Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes given to mourners at a funeral serve to provide a tangible memento to not only remember a loved one, but also to remind us of the personal and special qualities that made our loved

To Achieve Success You Must Eliminate Your Negative Subliminal Thoughts

Do you realize that the vast majority of your negative thinking is subliminal or below your conscious awareness? If you have heard great stories about people who have created their dreams but have been unable to emulate their success following the same plan then what you have is a lot of subconsciou