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What Causes A Potassium Citrate Deficiency?

When your body suffers from abnormal functions on a systemic scale, it can cause chemical imbalances throughout the body, including Potassium Citrate deficiency. When muscles are overworked, or if one organ absorbs more of a nutrient than normal, this can cause other organs to lack the needed nutrit

DHA From Fish Oil Lowers Diabetes Risk, Slows Brain Aging

Human genetics have evolved by harnessing the power of a wide variety of nutrients which have been available in our food supply for countless generations. Over the past half century many of these natural nutrients which are so essential to our health have been slowly and systematically removed from

How Many Calories In Coconut

Coconut is a tropical fruit, grown on a palm tree. Coconut has a hairy exterior and the inside of the coconut is white containing a flavorful treat. The inside of the coconut is saturated with a type of coconut juice that looks much like milk.

What is Nutrient Density?

Comparing the quality of one food to another is a difficult task.The comparisons of Nutrient Density is a powerful tool in judging the quality of a food.It allows the consumer to accurately compare one food to another.

Minerals in the body

Vitamins and minerals occupy an important place in the nutrition of every person. The lack of vital substances in the body can lead to various diseases. On the contrary, the body, fortified with balanced diet ...

Benefits Of Functional Foods

Omega-3s that contain antioxidants can be as good tasting as they are good for you. Eating plenty of seafood... Using olive oil in place of butter... Eating at least 5 portions of fruits and veggies a day... all are solid suggestions that take advantage of so called functional foods.

Discover The Secret Power of The Superfoods

Did you know that what you eat is probably what is causing you to feel sluggish, have poor sleep, low stamina, general poor health and a plethora of other conditions? That's right. But you can learn to eat these top-of-the-line foods that are loaded with super-healthy nutrients and improve your

Omega-3 in Your Diet

“Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids-found in fish oils- seem to increase the number of PARS, which will help reduce your inflammation (my knees). We recommend you get Omega-3s in the form of thr

Vegetarian Diet Plan Meals Can Be Enhanced by Smoothies

For those who follow a vegetarian diet plan, meals can be a problem because of limited food choices or variety. There are a number of books, Web sites and magazines that carry vegan and vegetarian recipes, all which point out how to successfully combine different fruits and vegetables to create a va

Mens Vitamins - Liquid Vitamins - Hair Vitamins 151

Vitamins are organic molecules that are necessary by in the flesh organisms.Vitamins are prerequisite in minute amounts by the body.Vitamins are essential for a in good physical shape body

Proper Functioning of the Digestive System

A strong digestive system is the best defense against many health problems, including cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease. Why is digestion so important? When we eat foods - such as bread, meat and vegetables - ...

Does Dieting Work?

So long as you think 'diet' until you reach your desired weight, you'll never keep the weight off. About 85% of people can lose weight on almost any diet but only about 15% of people have kept it off after 2 years and only 1-2% after 10 years. You need to change your mindset to '

Lose Weight By Drinking Water!

Drinking water can help you lose weight. In addition, water can help you purify your skin and tone your muscles. Read the article below to learn all of the ways water can help your body.

Consume Natural Supplements to Live a Healthy Life

Natural supplements are gaining much popularity in recent times. It is not simply because some people are now extremely conscious regarding the consumption of synthetic products. Natural supplements have genuine advantages in their own rights ...

Glycemic Response To Lose Weight

Do you find yourself confused about which foods to eat because of your glycemic response? You may be asking yourself "What Is Glycemic Response"? Glycemic response is how your body reacts to the glucose you ...

Protein Poisoning Symptoms

This brief article is an introduction to the subject of protein poisoning symptoms. It will be part of a series of articles aimed at shedding a little light on this subject which abounds with so much lies and myths and false theories that only cloud the real issue.