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Speculation on Basic Food Prices Is Immoral and Has to Be Regulated

The UN has reported that food prices at the end of 2010 had risen above the previous highs of 2008 and already there has been rioting in Algeria and Tunisia. It is time Governments across the world acted to regulate commodity price speculation on basic foods.

How to Freeze Raw Eggplant

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, has a flavor similar to that of zucchini but a much spongier texture. It can be used in a multitude of dishes from eggplant Parmesan to roasted eggplant and eggplant soup. Freezing eggplant when it is in season lets you use the fruit year-round without having to p

Common Coffee Drinks in a Coffee Shop Menu

Following are the names you can usually come across at any coffee bar. This is the common characterization of well-known coffees. Even though, a lot of places have come up with their individual interpretations. Caffe ...

Microwave Cooking - 3 Benefits of Microwave Cooking

These days I prefer microwave cooking more than using a conventional oven. Take a moment to read this entire article and I will explain what I consider to be 3 key benefits of microwave cooking.

What Grows in the Dirt and Is Worth Hundreds As a Food May Surprise You!

When we think of mushrooms we may conjure up fears of being poisoned by some unknown tuberous growth from the ground or even beneath the surface, buried in dirt. There are a wide variety of plants that fall into the mushroom category but one of the most treasured, most prized is the truffle. They ar

Common Vegetables in Italian Cuisine

Once called "the garden of Europe" by author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Italy is the lush residence of a variety of vegetable plants. More widely recognized for its hearty pastas and doughy pizzas, Italian fare is actually one of the healthiest cuisines in existence. Modern Italian food incorporate

What Makes Filipino Food Delectable

If you're going to ask Filipino overseas worker or Filipino migrated in other country what they really miss in the Philippines, first their family, secondly Filipino food. Off course you could still find Filipino restaurant ...

Can You Eat Clementines With the Peel?

You certainly wouldn't bite into an unpeeled orange, but the thin, sweet tanginess of a jewel-tone clementine appeals to the senses. The peels of this unique fruit aren't just edible -- they're downright beneficial, and they're useful even beyond the delicious list of culinary uses for the clementin

Are Navel Oranges Perfect Fruits?

Some consider navel oranges to be the perfect fruit. The softball-size citrus is widely available, easy to eat and store, and when ripe has an almost candy-like sweetness. These oranges are cultivated primarily in Brazil, ...

Italian - The Food of Love

What could be more romantic than a dinner for two, complete with candlelight and wine? When it comes to the food of love, Italian is one of the most common choices.

Video: How to Set a Table With Silverware

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Teca Thompson, Farm-To-Table Chef. Today, I'm going to show you how to set the table with silverware. So, I'm just going to do a simple five place setting with basic silverware. And so, I've just put a plate in the place mat right in front of me, and I'm just...

Texas Brisket Method

In a state known for it delicious barbecue, Texas beef brisket is grilled to meet a high standard. The Texas brisket method consists of slowly cooking a choice cut of beef for up to 12 hours on a smoker or barbecue grill. But while slow cooking is important to the process, the real secret of a great

Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Fantastic and simple bread and butter pudding recipe for six people. Quick and easy dessert that requires little skill to create.

Keep Focused on the Restaurant Business

The food service industry caters to a universal need of humans to be nourished. However, the way food appeals to humans isn't at all universal. Mankind is a diverse group and there isn't one particular operation of food service that could satisfy this diversity. This is one reality that a

Chutneys, For Dosas - Restaurants in Hyderabad

What you see - The really cramped entrance with Lord Ganesha guarding the extended threshold is what you see first of this no-nonsense restaurant, Chutneys. The interiors are kept to the bare minimum with cane chairs and wood look-alike tables. The music they play is also predominantly south Indian

The Benefits of a One-Cup Coffee Maker

You may find a wide selection of coffee as well as flavored coffee in cup form intended for these coffee makers which include blends, dark roasted or even teas. You can have different flavor in every cup.