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How to Keep Dungeness Crabs Alive Before Cooking

Gourmet seafood companies pack their crabs with seaweed and ice-gel packs when shipping. You can keep your crab alive for up to two weeks before eating it if you follow proper procedures. After the crab is dead, it should be cooked within one day. Frozen meat lasts for up to four months, canned meat

The Flavors of Restaurants in Zurenborg

Dining is one of the most sought activities that each one enjoys! Especially if one has to relish his or her favorite delicacies. Children, adults, the oldies all are seen satiating their hunger at their ...

How to Keep Bagged Lettuce From Spoiling

The convenience of bagged lettuce, prewashed and cut into small pieces, appeals to time-crunched consumers. Lettuce bags often contain a variety of greens ideal for fast and easy salads. When you purchase lettuce in this form, take steps to keep bagged lettuce from spoiling in the refrigerator. Many

Types of Edible Berries

The kinds of berries that are familiar to most people are the ones you can find the grocery store: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. There are many other kinds of flavorable berries growing in the wild that are edible. Many are rich in Vitamin C. Never eat any wild berries un

Meal Deals - Lunch and Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however many of us often leave the house without having any. As a result, many bakeries have realised that by implementing a deal on breakfast and lunch, they can attract more customers and make more money...

Healthy Restaurant Choices

The words healthy and restaurant don't usually go together. With a little foresight and this knowledge, you will be able to make better choices when eating out.

How to Preserve Cheese Dips

Cheese dip is a popular appetizer in many restaurants and at parties and gatherings. It can accompany a variety of foods, such as breads, chips and vegetables. However, both hot and cold cheese dips rarely stand the test of time when storing them. Thin, slimy skin forms quickly over unrefrigerated c

Why Not Do Some Wine Tasting Courses?

Wine tasting is an art, and something that is equally enjoyable and interesting to learn. Have you ever watched in admiration as a fellow diner captured the attention by expertly swirling the wine, sniffing and ...

Finding the Right Rotisserie Grill Attachment

If you already own a gas or electric grill, then with the purchase of a rotisserie attachment, you can expand your use of your grill from standard grilling to preparing delicious rotisserie style chicken, turkey, and even ribs, kabobs, and fish. When you do an internet search for rotisserie attachme

Bean & Brocolli Stir Fry

Basdew Rooplal [] office 032 5513624 cell 0829273642 for more product info goto ............................................ Have your Herbalife Shake for Breakfast and Lunch and enjoy this delicious Stir Fry for s

Uses for Soy Milk Froth

Soy milk is derived from the soybean and is high in calcium and protein. Studies show that replacing regular milk with soy milk decreases the chance of heart disease and some cancers, and lowers cholesterol. However, sticking to just traditional soy milk can be a dull prospect. Diversify your favori

Learn to Cook Vegetable Fry Instantly

When all the vegetables are cool, place them attractively on a large flat platter and sprinkle with salt and black pepper to taste. Add the crushed garlic to the lemon juice and [optional] pour the mixture all over the vegetables.

Should I Buy an Aeropress Coffee Maker?

You might have heard of Aeropress coffee makers at one time or another. This brewer functions similarly to a French press coffee machine with a few twists. If you are looking for a machine that will not use electricity but will still give you a flavourful cup of coffee, you might find this brewer id

White Wine Making

Difference between red wines and white wines is the color. But I'm sure that I can mention a few facts about wines that you didn't know.

What Is In Your Food

Global Call for Improved Information <em>Results of the World Menu Report released show that nine out of 10 consumers are demanding more information about food when eating out of home. Despite international agreement on the ...

Sugar Cane - Worlds Biggest Source of Sugar

Sugar is known as the worlds largest source of sugar in the world. Unknown to most people, sugar cane is actually a type of grass that can grow as high as 18 feet tall. Read more for further details.

How to Smoke Chicken Pieces

Smoking chicken can create a succulent main course. Smoking is usually done on larger pieces of meat because long cooking can dry out smaller pieces. This is especially true of chicken breasts, which cook rather quickly. A few simple steps can allow you to smoke chicken pieces without overcooking or

The History Of Coffee

Did you know coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world.How did coffee get this ranking?What country first figured out coffee was safe for consumption?When was the first drink of coffee prepared?