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How to Cook Seafood With Style for Your Family

It isn't a simple task to man (or woman) the kitchen night after night. Anyone with a pulse can get bored of the way one person cooks. It is for this very reason that restaurants exist. Once people realized they didn't have to depend on one person for food every day, it was a sensation. So

How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help You Stay Healthy

Apple Cider Vinegar -- What are Some of Its Benefits? There are many uses for apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy. In modern times, it was made famous by a country doctor named D.C. ...

Is Your Potluck Safe?

Is your potluck safe? Not only is time and temperature important for the serving of food to guests. Your plate decoration could be dangerous! Check out this article for some important rules.

The Ultimate Crab Cake Recipe

Wherever you go along the eastern coast restaurants boast that they make the best crab cake. Don't want to wait till you head to the coast, try these at home, they are easy to make and the best you'll taste. Don't forget to try the Spicy Tarter Sauce that sets these over the top.

The BLT With A Twist--Try A BLAAT

We all love a BLT from time to time. I like to add avocado and alfalfa sprouts and hence the name BLAAT. We all also have our favorite breads that we to make our sandwich ...

7 Summer Grilling Tips

Summer is in full swing and you've laid in your provisions: The finest cuts of meat and all the fixings, a cooler of cold beverages, a special playlist and of course, a special guest list. You've invested in the best dry rubs and seasoning blends you can find, to give your steaks and burge

How to Make Foam on Coffee

A cappuccino is a traditional Italian coffee that tops an espresso with foamy steamed milk. Many espresso makers that are sold on the market today come with a milk steamer attachment so that you can quickly steam milk yourself. But if you want to make foam for an American coffee, you don't need any

How to Grow Mexican Artichokes

In grocery stores, you might find artichokes from Mexico and California. Many people avoid artichokes from Mexico because they require extra care in preparation. If not prepared properly, the texture can become mushy. But with a precise boiling time, Mexican artichokes are tasty and firm. You can pl

Outdoor Gas Grill For Backyard Cooking

Cooking at your lawn can really be fun, remember those days when your Dad will just pull the grill he invented from metal scraps and make barbeques or grilled some burgers for your dinner? It was surely awesome, spending the night with your whole family and friends, and cooking and having fun just o

Know Your Teas - Types of Green Tea

Health conscious individuals often drink green tea, but did you know that there were many different varieties?In this article, you will find out about 3 of the main types of green tea.

Adding Crunch To Mexican Style Desserts With Nuts

Nuts are great for many different types of desserts but especially those with a distinctive Mexican flair. Some of the most popular nuts used in making Mexican style desserts include almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts but you are free to use your favorite varieties to make all of your dessert recipes e

History of Pressure Cookers

A pressure cooker is a big pot with a sealed lid, when the lid is sealed and locked it heats the cooking liquid to a boiling point which turns to steam and since the lid ...

Weight Loss by way of Foods that Fight Fats

Some foods can magically soften pounds, and that prepare of thought has been around for a long time. Whereas exercise and a variety of wholesome meals help will enable you to shed weight, there are ...

Do You Make These Build Abs Mistakes?

Body building can be extremely the challenge for almost any human being. It takes work and critical devotion to a schedule to produce the muscle bulk that many people desire. There are suggestions on this ...

About Tiger Rice Cookers - For Perfect Rice Everytime

Healthy food is definitely one of my pastimes, but I don't like to spend too much time in the kitchen. I love rice and the fastest and easiest way to great tasting rice is with the Tiger Rice Cooker range. In this article I explain why these rice cookers are great investment.

Rissoles Recipe - Mouth Watering Indonesian Roll Snacks With Chicken Ragout

Have you ever heard about rissoles? I'm sure you are, because this roll snacks is one of Indonesian famous snack. In Indonesia you can almost find this snack in every cake store in any town. There is a lot of variation of rissoles filling. From crab meat to ground meat filling. What I want to t

How to Render Down Pork Fat

Pork fat rendered down is lard. Rendering fat is the art of melting it down. In fact, lard contains less saturated fat than butter, is a good source of vitamin D, and has no trans fats unless it's been hydrogenated commercially. The pastry crusts, biscuits and fried chicken made with lard are often

George Foreman Grill: Never To Let You Down!

Tired of shedding fats but not tired of stuffing? It looks like there is a biological contradiction although there is no one to blame unless you would like to take the shot. Indeed, it is really hard to resist the alluring flavours of meat dishes more so your much-liked grilled meat.