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Coffee Makers In The Market

There are many individuals who love to drink coffees. Many people love to have their own machine so that they could make it any time. They can drink coffee any time in a day as ...

Dried Vs. Fresh Mushrooms in Gourmet Cooking

There are dozens of types of mushrooms in the culinary world, each with its own unique flavor and texture. From rich morels and meaty portobellos to earthy shiitakes, the wide range of mushrooms makes cooking with them an exciting experience. When faced with the variety of dried and fresh mushrooms,

Tips on Catering for Large Corporate Events

Large corporate events pose a tremendous challenge for any catering services. The main difference between large corporate events and cocktail party is the sheer volume. Catering companies must also display their top notch professionalism when ...

Oolong Tea - Seven Interesting Facts

Oolong tea is a cross between green and black tea. This floral tasting beverage offers many benefits such as weight loss, younger looking skin, and free radical abatement. Discover 7 interesting facts you probably didn't know about this tea.

How to Oven Dry Herbs

Do you find yourself over-buying fresh herbs only to have them spoil in the refrigerator? Now you can find out how to oven dry those herbs so that you can have them on hand for months to enhance your dishes. Some herbs, such as basil, tarragon and mint, have high moisture content and so no matter ho

Try Slow Cooking - Why Crockpot Recipes Are Gaining Popularity!

Although we seem to be fully entrenched into the 'fast food, microwaveable era', the almost lost art of slow cooked, home prepared meals have made somewhat of a dramatic comeback. Crock pots recipes with their 'homey' feel, are now being used even by 'busy' people becau

Back to Basics Wheat Grinder

The Miracle Grain Mill is the mill largely self sustaining families try to find to put into their food store. While shopping and evaluating hand grain mills to buy the Miracle 171 stands with few ...

Slurp Embraces the Austrian Wine Revolution

Today, the UK's fastest growing online wine retailer, announced a major expansion in its Austrian wine portfolio. Almost 120 new Austrian wines have joined our range and are available for purchase from today. These ...

Raw Food Weight Loss Diet - Easy Recipes!

Just a little bit ago, I answered some very popular FAQ's about the Raw Food Weight Loss Diet. Now I want to take an even closer look at one of the biggest concerns most people have with the Raw Food Diet - What to eat.

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

One of the well-known Chinese cuisine originating from Szechuan (Sichuan) province, live up to its spicy and pungent reputation, tinged with a hint of sweet and sour flavour. Combined diced chicken breast, dried red chilli pepper and peanuts by stir-frying and made them into in one dish, Kung Pao ch

A Wine Lover's Weekly Guide to $10 Wines - A Chilean (Rapel Valley) Chardonnay

The Chardonnay was ever so slightly sweet. The first meal was a quite dry honey and garlic barbecued chicken breast. In response the wine's acidity intensified and was not totally pleasant. A moister barbecued chicken wing rendered the Chardonnay round and mellow. When it accompanied potatoes r

How to Replace Cream Cheese in Truffles

Cream cheese-based truffles are becoming more popular. They are so simple to make with only a few ingredients. Traditional truffle candies have a ganache center. Ganache may sound daunting, but it is a mixture of chocolate and cream that is pliable when hardened. If you do not have any cream che

Health Benefits of Onion Dishes and Preparation

Onion being a vegetable that has antiseptic, therapeutic and catalytic qualities can be used to aid the cure of many diseases and reduce the cooking period of many dishes respectively. Its antiseptic and therapeutic qualities assist in curing the following diseases: Asthma, Bronchitis, Pnuemonia, In

Ideas for Raiders Cakes

Oakland's NFL team began in the 1960s and has been a staple of the city ever since. One of the most recognizable national American football teams, the Oakland Raiders are not only fun to watch, but also make the perfect subject for desserts. Creating a Raider's themed cake for the Oakland football f

The Best Fruits in the World

Recently, the World Health Organization published a list of the best fruits in the world. This is the result of a study which has been implemented for nearly three years. And the following passage will introduce these fruits in detail.

Antioxidant Green Tea

Antioxidant green tea products are very well known for containing a large amount of compounds and nutrients that are known to be extremely beneficial to the individual who would like to benefit from the advantages in consistently being able to maintain a strong and healthy body. These types of teas

Egg Salad Recipe - A Quick, Easy and Versatile Salad Idea

I don't know about you, but egg salad recipe is on my mind tonight. After a busy day at work and then a long (but excellent) work-out at the gym, I am simply looking for something relatively easy, simple and quick.