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Coconut Sorbet Recipe

Luscious and creamy, a coconut lover's delight, this sugar free macrobiotic recipe for coconut sorbet does require an ice cream machine for optimal consistency.

The Best 7 Day Organic Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing removes toxins from your gastrointestinal tract, which can cause a variety of ailments, such as arthritis, allergies and asthma. When toxins are expelled through your body, you have more energy and and a stronger immune system. Colon cleansing can be conducted through a medical proce

The Best Way to Cook Cube Steak

Cube steak, also known as minute steak, is a cut of beef from the top sirloin of the cow. It is run through a special tenderizing machine twice to help break down the muscle tissue. Tough cuts of meat, like cube steak, are best prepared using moist-heat cooking methods such as braising.

Yogurt Lemon Balm Torte

A delicious lovely German recipe for a refreshing cold yogurt torte using fresh lemon balm leaves.

How to Build an Herb Grinder

Home growing of fresh herbs is a highly satisfying activity for both chef and gardener alike. Though fresh herbs are best, storing home-dried herbs is a great way to make the most of your gardening efforts. However, some home-dried herbs and flowers require a little more than hand crushing to be usa

Introduction To French Wines

It is not for certain, fact or assured, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, scientifically researched, but it is said and believed that in the area of Caucasus located on the borders of Turkey, Russia and Iran, was where the first vineyards were born.

Energy & Brain Chemistry Support While in Recovery

While recovering from illness, an operation or mental health crisis, it is necessary to maintain your energy level as well as a healthy brain chemistry balance. This can be accomplished through attention to nutrition and, if possible, exercise.

Balsamic Basil Chicken

Balsamic vinegar and fresh basil add a sweetness and tang to skinless chicken breasts. Bake, broil or grill these chicken breasts to succulent perfection, and serve with your favorite low-fat side dish or salad.

What Is Koji Beef?

Koji beef is the common misspelling for Kogi beef or "Bul-Kogi" -- a type of marinated Korean barbecue beef. In Korean, "Kogi" translates to "meat." Bul-Kogi (which can also be spelled bulgogi) is a traditional Korean dish that is made with thin slices of sirloin and other prime cuts of beef. The me

Traditional Foods of Italy

Although pizza and pasta are Italy's best-known traditional foods, Italian cuisine consists of a variety of breads, cheeses, vegetables, meats and desserts. Each region and every village has its own favored foods and cooking styles.

Making Truffles

Pictures from the 2008 All Candy Expo in Chicago. Candy trade show pictures.

... and bouzouki playing...

Clean Monday, the first day of the Greek Orthodox Great Lent, is a day of celebration. Greeks gather - either as families, friends, or entire communities - to enjoy a day of picnics with traditional foods, music, and dancing. Enjoy the photos!