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Know the Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

With the advent of a number of ways to treat breast cancer, the hopes of survival are rising among the women suffering from this disease, with many making a comeback to the mainstream of life. ...

Alternative Colon Cancer Treatments

Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (also known as the colon). Most cases of colon cancer begin as small clumps of cells called polyps. Over time, these can become cancerous. Colon cancers require routine screenings to identify them since polyps are rarely symptomatic or cause problems. A

Sunless Spray Tans And Swimming

Here in this article we will look at some important things and tips you should know about sunless spray tanning and swimming.

What Would Cause Blisters on the Tongue?

Blisters on the tongue can be caused by such benign conditions as canker sores to more severe conditions, such as oral cancer. Regardless of the severity, having a tongue blister can make the everyday tasks of chewing and talking painful.

Colorectal Illness Sympthoms

An example of standardization is the comparison of coloncolon cancer rates between different countries. The unadjusted prevalence rates of colon cancer among populations living in underdeveloped countries are lower than rates identified among populations in ...

An Introduction To Prostate Cancer

Cancer has been an important part of human history, dating as far back as 1500 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. As most people would expect, the first cases of cancer were believed to be inflicted by the Gods themselves by such ancient civilizations, among other theories with no true scientific approach. Unfo

How to Diagnose Brain Cancer

According to the U.S. Central Brain Tumor Registry, more than 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with brain tumors each year. Fortunately, the majority of these tumors are benign.

Chemo Still King in Lung Cancer

Dr. Mark Kris underscores the value of chemotherapy in lung cancer patients, including those receiving targeted therapies -- a message brought home at the Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer meeting.

Why Do We Need Clinical Trials?

A cancer patient will probably not have thought much about clinical trials until asked to participate in one, as I was after being diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ. Quite often this request is made just after the traumatic moment of being given the cancer diagnosis: not the ideal moment to co

Understanding Asbestosis

Asbestosis is a disease of the lung that causes a diffuse and fibrosing interstitial damage. The term was first coined by the British pathologist, Dr. Cooke, in the early 1930s to refer to his postmortem findings in the lungs of asbestos textile workers in Britain.

Cancer Diagnosis: Strategies for Getting the Best Treatment

How do newly diagnosed patients know they are getting the best therapy for their cancer? The first step toward getting what you need is to get a second opinion by an expert who thinks about your type of cancer every day.

Mesothelioma Lawyers - Helping You Get Justice For Your Problems

People that are suffering from conditions bought upon due to work conditions can now get justice. It is not necessary anymore to simply sit in silence and not do anything about this. In fact, one of the basic things that you can do in order to tackle this problem would probably be to seek legal help

Chemotherapy-What you can do to boost your Immune System

What does western medicine offer us today for the treatment of cancer, toxic chemicals and nuclear radiation which all destroys the immune system? If you have been diagnosed with cancer we know with certainty that ...

Vital Facts You Must Know About Mesothelioma, Asbestos and Lung Cancer

Malignant mesothelioma is an extremely rare form of malignancy that occurs because of being exposed to asbestos materials. Hazardous asbestos is found in lots of materials used for constructing homes, buildings, and schools. If you are remodeling your home or working on ceiling tiles, floor tiles, a

The Frequency of Treatment for Cancer

Cancer refers to a broad range of diseases which share in their basic salient characteristic---the development of mutant cells within the body that will cause the death of the patient if left untreated. Cancer patients are faced with a number of choices once a diagnosis is made; there are many trea

How Your Choice of Swimwear Affects Your Skin Cancer Risk

How much thought do you give to the swimwear you buy? Most people are just concerned about what their swimsuits look like, but what they should be concerned about is whether the suit they choose will help reduce their risk of developing skin cancer. The more sunburns you get, the higher your risk of

ASCO 2015 Raises the Question of Value

Dr John Marshall puts his vacation on hold to highlight the themes of ASCO 2015, including the critical question: What is value in cancer care, and how much is riding on the correct answer?