Pregnancy and Dental Health - Could Failing to See the Dentist Lead to Premature Labor?

For any pregnant mother, the thought of giving birth far earlier than expected and all of the health concerns associated with it are nothing short of terrifying.
A series of studies performed in the last ten years suggest that oral health could very well be to blame.
These studies indicate that bacteria originating from amniotic fluid infections, vaginal infections, and gum disease may trigger the production of hormones that cause the onset of labor.
The Research A recent study looked at 850 pregnant women before and after birth.
Researchers from the University of North Carolina discovered that women with gum disease are 7 times more likely to give birth prematurely, leading to low birth weight, respiratory problems, and even death.
While further studies are needed on the subject, this indicates that gum disease could be as dangerous for a fetus as the consumption of alcohol or tobacco products.
Experts believe the infection increases the production of hormones that bring on labor.
Additional research published in the 'Journal of Periodontology' suggests that diabetes increases the risk of gum disease as well as preterm labor.
Additional Dental Concerns During Pregnancy Gum disease isn't the only complication pregnant women will have to look out for in terms of their oral health.
The amount of iron and calcium in your body is also something to take into consideration.
While the fetus does not drain calcium directly from your teeth, your body may begin to draw minerals and calcium from your body if you fail to take in enough of these nutrients through your diet.
In most cases, however, your obstetrician will prescribe prenatal vitamins to increase the level of folic acid in your body.
These supplements also contain large amounts of calcium and iron.
Dental Pregnancy Tumors During the second trimester, some women discover small bumps along their gums, which are the overgrowth of gum tissue between teeth.
Dentist and medical professionals believe a build-up of plaque causes the small red lumps or sores.
Surgery often becomes the only viable solution to this problem, forcing sufferers to wait until after the birth of the baby to receive treatment.
Maintaining Good Oral Health Many women find their need to prevent tooth decay and disease increases with the onset of pregnancy.
Increase the number of times you brush and floss each day.
You may also choose additional preventative methods such as fluoride treatments and sealant.
Finally, talk with your dentist about booking an extra appointment with the hygienist for a professional cleaning.
This greatly reduces the amount of tartar build-up on your teeth, and lowers your chances of developing many of the problems associated with preterm labor and intensive dental treatments.
Whether you decide to see a Lombard dentist, a Los Angeles professional, or a dental expert elsewhere in the country, be sure to make him or her aware of your pregnancy and discuss any concerns you may have.
Your risk of experiencing a complication decreases while your satisfaction with your smile increases.
A gleaming, healthy smile only magnifies the effects of the glow new mom's experience.
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