What Exactly Does It Mean "To Trust?"

In the English language we have but one word for trust, which is "trust" and it leaves a lot to be desired.
We can't really put our finger on it to describe it.
But, in the Hebrew language there are many versions to this one word TRUST.
We tend to miss out on the deeper meaning of what trust means to God when we ourselves can't even describe it.
I recently had done a three part teaching on TRUST.
This study has certainly made this word into something I can trust in, it is a tangible object! In the Hebrew language there are several different meanings to trust, I covered three of them, Batah, Hasah and Aman.
All three took on their own reality of the trust we are to have in God.
The one I want to talk more about today is the Hasah trust.
These three meanings are tangible in that we can get a clear visual picture of what they actually mean, something our English language is lacking.
In the New Testament the word for trust here is to believe or have faith.
It's not just a religious term, it's an action based upon believing in something to be true and trustworthy.
Since I can actually picture in my mind the kind of trust I have in our Lord, it makes it seem easier to attain without doubting or just wishing it will happen.
Perhaps you're not sure how to trust in God for your deliverance out of trials and tribulations.
I pray this helps.
Recently I have been dealing with some major attacks on my marriage through the enemy who is not liking very much where my walk is leading me.
He knows though that my husband does not have the same kind of faith and trust as I do.
So, in my husband's weakened condition, he leaves a welcome sign for Satan to come right in and do what he does best, destroy things that God has anointed for His own use.
My husband has been going through a very difficult time with depression due to physical pain, alcohol, lack of self esteem and anger.
It's a vicious cycle that he can't seem to take control of.
As a result this venomous mixture spills out into my life and I am constantly finding myself praying for strength to defeat it.
This can wear a body out if you let it.
But, thank God, He gives us the kind of Trust we need to have in Him.
I want to share this with some of you who may be going through similar battles.
The Word Picture for Hasah, is this, little chicks running under their mother's wing for protection.
God says He is our refuge in times of trouble.
When we know we can run under His wings of protection, He will keep us from harm.
This in itself is a comforting picture.
Hasah is also like putting out an urgent 911 call.
Once that call is made, we can rest assured that help is on the way.
Our heavenly Father hears our urgent calls and is going to put matters into action right now, if we know we can trust, HASAH in Him.
"In the Lord I put my (Hasah) trust; how say Ye to my soul, Flee as bird to Your mountain?" Ps.
11:1 This psalm is David rejoicing that the Lord is in His Holy Temple.
The Lord will test the righteous and hates the wicked.
Here God is telling David to run to Him just like a baby chick under it's mother's wings.
I went to my Father in prayer with an urgent call for His answer the other day.
I laid my petitions before Him and said, "Lord, if you want me to teach on your word, then You have to show me that what I'm teaching really is true.
If I call out to You with the HASAH kind of trust and faith, then You need to show me that You will answer this 911 call right now!" God says to prove Him on His word and that's what I did.
My husband has been going rapidly into a deeper depression due to a job that wasn't paying enough to keep ahead.
This was destroying his self esteem as a man who is suppose to support the household.
He was feeling more and more like a failure.
This in turn was driving him to drink and spend money that we didn't have to begin with.
Satan can really be destructive when you don't know how to combat him.
In my fervent prayer, I asked God to deliver a miracle now, my husband needed news of a better job and quickly.
Up until now, we had expectant hope that something better would come along, but now we ran out of time.
My husband was about to self destruct! This was urgent! I walked through the door around 2:00 the other day from getting a few groceries when the phone rang.
I expected it to be the usual bill collector, but the voice on the other end was friendly and I knew there was something comforting about this call.
She asked for my husband and I quickly responded that he was not home, but I could take a message.
She announced that the company my husband got laid off from last fall was in need of one operator for their heavy equipment.
She said she had a few more people to call and whoever called back first would get the job.
I immediately claimed it for my husband.
As soon as I saw him, I gave him the number to call and told him about the circumstances behind it.
He immediately called back and was told he was hired again making a decent wage and will get his insurance benefits back as before.
Now, this was not just a coincidence.
This was God! This was the news we were so desperately waiting for! And when I told him what time this call came, he replied in amazement.
He proceded to tell me that at that precise time he was leaving from his current job in a very bad mood when all of a sudden he felt a weight of heaviness bare down on him and that little voice that speaks from within, the Holy Spirit say to him, "Change you attitude...
NOW!" My husband is not one to really admit that he's ever heard from God, but he knew this was a message to pay attention to.
He immediately felt happy and didn't even let the traffic bother him.
It became apparent to him that God was demanding something of him in order to bless him.
David was one such person who learned the Hasah kind of trust in God when he was running for his life from his enemies.
This kind of trust that he could put his finger on refreshed his soul and he sang praise and thanks to God for being his promised refuge in times of trouble.
"The Lord redeemeth the soul of His servants; and none of them that trust (Hasah) Him shall be desolate.
" Ps.
34:22 It's so important that we too learn to praise God in all situations, not just when we "feel" like it.
We must believe that He delivers us from ALL fears.
He will lighten our load, because Christ said to take His yoke because it is light and not burdensome.
If you are in trouble today, and feel you have nowhere to run, learn to run to Him, lean on Him and take shelter under His loving wings.
He wants us to do this, He's a loving Father.
He promises to deliver those who trust in Him and run to Him.
He will not let anyone be condemned if they just trust in Him and take rest for His faithful answer to come, which will always be on time! God is always on time, no matter how long it takes.
Just trust that Father knows best! By praising God in ALL situations is to keep the connection open and guarantees a heavenly response to all emergency calls.
He is the Rock of Refuge, the Rock of Ages and our High Tower.
You can't run to a Rock that isn't there.
I pray that God is your Rock today and always.
To survive the storms of life, be anchored to the Rock of Ages.
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