Have You Found This Hidden Door to Success?

While the majority of people spend their entire lives struggling to make a living, a small group of people seem to have everything going their way.
They always have money in the bank, time to enjoy themselves, and relationships that are loving, supportive and long-lasting.
So why is it that life can be so easy for some and difficult for others? It isn't the schools they attend, the families they grow up in, the languages they speak or the countries they come from that necessarily affect their success.
So what is it then? The minority of men and women who lead and influence the majority are the ones that know how to follow their dreams.
Everyone has dreams, or at least had them at some point in time, but most people set them aside for the practicalities of 'normal' life.
The people who end up finding exhilaration and fulfillment are the ones who don't ever give them up.
They're the ones who decide what they want, and then do what it takes to get it.
Is this a simple task? For sure it isn't, but it isn't impossible either.
For those who are willing to put in the effort, there are some steps to take to begin to point you in the right direction:
  1. Start by taking some time to write down everything that you would love to do in your life.
    Don't edit your responses - just let them all tumble down onto your paper or into your computer.
    Let your mind wander; dare to dream.
  2. Keep writing for a full 10 minutes, even if you feel like you've finished before then.
    Push yourself to reach in deeply and dig up what really motivates and excites you.
    And if you're having trouble, think back to your childhood and remember what you loved to do then.
  3. Take a look at your list.
    Put checkmarks beside the five things that stand out most for you - the ones that would make the biggest difference in your life.
  4. Then consider ways you couldgo about getting them.
    Even if your ideas here seem far fetched, write them down anyway.
    Sometimes events occur in ways you wouldn't expect.
  5. Once you have thought through and clarified your desires, it's time to start making them real.
    Get a friend, family member or certified life coach to encourage you, redirect you, and help you refocus along the way.
    Choose this person carefully because it will be a challenging yet thrilling journey.
  6. Above all, remember that you have a Source of help that is ever-present and supremely powerful - the UltimateSource of All That Is.
    So focus upon and ask for all that you desire because truly anything is possible.
Many people before you have lived their dreams, and many more after you will, too.
The important question to ask yourself now is, will you be one of them?
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