How to Create All of the Wealth and Success You Want in Your Life - Tip #4

Tip #4 - Dreams don't fail for lack of desire; dreams come apart from not being willing to pay the price to achieve them...
That says a lot.
Here is a recipe for success in any area of your life: figure out what is required to achieve your goal or dream, and then determine in advance that you are willing to pay the price.
My friend, Tim Harris, is fond of the time-honored quote (as am I), "it is simple, but it isn't easy".
The formula for success is not complex - it is simple.
The doing, however, is often the furthest thing from easy.
I talk with a lot of people about real estate investing, wealth, and success, and I have noticed a recurring pattern...
People want to be successful and wealthy and happy, but they don't want to pay the price.
This generation is full of people who think the world owes them a living, but they have that formula backwards.
So many people want to win the lottery...
Rather than working hard and doing what it takes to earn a fortune.
When I started on the road to wealth, I wanted to know "The Secret", but I didn't want to work my tail off.
For a while, nothing happened.
Eventually, when I wanted it bad enough to give 110% at my full time job, and then added in a second full time job investing in real estate and the study of wealth, things improved.
When I started getting up earlier, and working harder, and going to bed later, and sacrificing some weekends, working on making me the best me I could be, things improved.
You see, The Secret was good, but to really get the ball rolling, I also had to be willing to pay the price! In my former life, as an employee, I knew a lot of people that had a job, worked every day, and hated it.
They hated Mondays and lived for Fridays at quittin' time.
They bickered and complained constantly, and worked just hard enough to keep from being fired.
Then, they had the gall to complain that they didn't get paid enough, never got big raises or the promotion they deserved, and weren't treated fairly by the boss or the company.
Here is what they were missing.
They thought they should get paid more just because, and they never figured out that the best way to get paid more is to become more valuable.
If they improved their attitude, worked harder, offered to take on more workload, and thought of ideas to help the company be more successful, sooner or later they would have got paid more, or got promoted, or probably both.
How do you fix this 'the world owes me a living mentality'? First, "Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.
" That may or may not be from Jim Rohn.
Jim Rohn does expound that you will become wealthy when you spend more time working on yourself than you spend working on your job.
I will leave off here on tip #4, and we will transition into tip #5 - Develop your millionaire mind.
Please pass this on to anyone you know who may benefit from it...
and I will see you soon in tip #5.
Together, let's get inspired, let's get motivated, let's create some buzzzz, and let's help some people (family, friends, and ourselves) create all of the wealth and success they want in life!!! Again, here is the link to my blog, The Lund Letters: http://thelundletters.
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