Top 10 Tips For A Sexy Smile

There is nothing sexier than a white smile.
New bleaching techniques have made whitening your teeth really easy and convenient.
Laser whitening can lighten your teeth to their optimum whiteness in little over an hour - a lunchtime treat! * To make your teeth look whiter than they really are, lipsticks can create the illusion of whiter teeth.
Red / plum coloured lipsticks will make your teeth look white, whereas peachy / rusty tones will make them look more yellow.
An interesting fact! * Whitening toothpastes are available that can help get rid of staining, and some contain a mild bleaching agent, such as Janina, which can over time lighten your teeth a little.
* Invest in a Sonicare electric toothbrush.
Never before has an electric brush had the ability to do what this baby does!Especially if you are a smoker - the stain removal abilities are outstanding.
* If you are looking for the ultimate perfect smile, our veneers are made of the strongest and most natural looking porcelain available and are used to correct the shape, size, position and colour of your teeth all at once.
* 6 monthly health checks and hygiene sessions (scale and polish) are a must to keep staining, plaque and tartar at bay.
Tips on good oral hygiene should be given by your hygienist to help you keep your breath fresh and teeth clean.
* Flossing is something we all forget to do, but just remember, all food particles that don't get removed with brushing will sit in between your teeth and smell rather bad after a few days!Floss it away if you want to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh.
* Lots of fresh breath products are available, but Retardex have a range of products especially designed to destroy the bacteria that causes bad breath.
A lot of mouthwashes just disguise the smell for a while.
* Tongue cleaners are the latest craze.
Just sweep them over your tongue to get rid of any unwanted 'fuzz'! Don't forget to smile!Not only will you feel sexier, you'll feel happier too!
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