Start Journaling to Realize Your Dreams Faster

Writing in a journal is not something new but very few use this powerful technique to move forward in life.
During the day we think about millions of different things, some interesting ideas come and go, some simple observations that lead us closer to fundamental truths of life, some solutions to current problems emerge.
If we don't write them down it is very easy to forget them in the habitual daily rush.
Journaling can also help to uncover the direction in life we need to take.
Treat your journal like a close friend and consider your every entry as a conversation with him.
If you don't know what direction to take in life, start writing about it.
The more you write the more details will come out and it will become clearer what to do, where to start and how to proceed.
You can also use your journal to unleash your creativity.
Describe in details how your life is going to be when your dream comes true; describe a fictional life, one that you would like for yourself, describe your perfect job, your future daily life.
Give as much details as possible.
This can help in visualization exercises and will bring your dreams into your life faster.
Buy a little notebook that you can carry everywhere with you and take notes as soon as an interesting idea crosses your mind.
Schedule some time weekly to go through your notes and write them in more details as well as to do your "fictional life" exercises.
This will bring more clarity into your life, help to understand better yourself and the world around you and help your realize your dreams faster.
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