To Achieve Success You Must Eliminate Your Negative Subliminal Thoughts

I am sure you are aware that your thoughts and feelings have a dramatic impact on your life.
Whether you believe that your thoughts directly create your reality or just see them as guiding your actions, it is apparent that thoughts and feelings do play a major part in how we live our lives.
However, were you aware that the vast majority of your thoughts are subliminal in nature.
They form a part of your belief system and contribute to your attitude and outlook on life.
Perhaps you are one of those people who have witnessed others achieve success but no matter what you do you cannot emulate their success.
If this is the case then you certainly have subliminal resistance.
There are thousands of subconscious, subliminal programs that are active within your brain every moment of the day.
These are either working to help you or are hindering you - working for you or against you.
Chances are, if you're reading this and are not a member of the richest 2% of the planet, then you are like 98% of the rest of the planet and are unaware of these silent success killers.
Perhaps you are not aware that your brain and physiology are hard-wired for success.
You were born a person who tries and succeeds.
Just look at how you learned the seemingly impossible tasks of walking and talking.
It never entered your infantile brain that you could not succeed yet, as an adult, with far greater intellect and reasoning skills; you are conditioned to accept failure and possibly believe it is pointless to even try.
From those early beginnings of being born a winner, slowly but surely, the world taught you how to fail.
It is not natural for you to fail.
Your natural state is one of success, joy and growth.
You can regain that wonder you had as a child and that unshakable belief in yourself and your abilities.
All you need do is identify those self-defeating patterns of thought and feeling which silently run on automatic in the background noise of your mind.
If you sit quietly and contemplate your beliefs and attitude towards your dreams and inner desires you will be shocked at just how much negativity you have allowed into your consciousness.
It is unfortunate though that the negative thoughts we hold in mind are mostly subliminal, or subconscious, in nature.
Most the time they can be so subtle that they go unnoticed for an entire lifetime.
If you have not achieved the success you dream of or are not living your life with joy and appreciation for the things you have achieved then you are certainly carrying around a large amount of subliminal negativity.
Now these beliefs and patterns of negative thinking are not your natural state and were most certainly given to you, initially, by well-meaning parents and peers.
However, if they are allowed to remain active within your mind they will cause havoc with your life and undo any attempts you make to create the life you desire.
I am sure if you give it some thought you will be able to identify the sources of these negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
However, this approach is totally unnecessary and can in fact keep you stuck thinking and feeling in the same way.
You do not need to know how or why these negative beliefs became ingrained in your consciousness and part of your belief system.
You just need to identify them and then remove them! Take a good look at what you have in life right now.
This is your demonstration.
Whatever you have in life or wherever you find yourself it is a direct result of how you think and feel about yourself and your place in the world.
If you like it then there is nothing to change.
However, if you think there are areas that could be improved or even completely changed for the better then it is important for you to begin to understand exactly how you currently think and feel about those areas.
List all the important areas of your life, relationships, career, finances, health, hobbies and see what comes to mind as you contemplate how these things are now.
This will show you how you have been thinking, feeling and creating up to this point.
Also become aware of how you view yourself.
Most times when our life is not working in a way we want it to, it is merely because we are disapproving of ourselves in one form or another.
Practise giving yourself some approval.
Give yourself this approval for no particular reason, just make the decision and do it.
It is a very pleasurable experience and can have dramatic positive affects that reverberate through your life.
When you have identified your negative views about yourself and your world and acknowledge that you have created your own experiences through your thoughts and feelings it is just a matter of reprogramming your mind.
This can be achieved through such things as subliminal programming, hypnosis, sound technologies or just visualization.
Keep in mind that it is your natural state of being to be a winner.
You were born that way and it is only your negative programming that hinders you from being, doing and having everything you desire.
So begin to take stock of your beliefs by looking at your demonstration (those things, people, situations and circumstances that now surround you) and start to reprogram them.
Practise giving yourself approval just because you want to! You don't need a reason.
You disapprove of yourself for no reason most of the time so try turning that on its head for a change.
Take this approach to life and you will transform your world.
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