Three Simple Tips That You Must Pay Attention To If You Want to Make Light, Heavenly Loaves of Bread

Making bread at home is a fun and enjoyable activity, especially when you are able to produce tasty loaves of bread for the whole family to eat on a daily basis.
A common complaint amongst home bakers is that they aren't always able to produce the light loaves of bread that you can get in the shops.
Never fear.
It is quite possible to make airy loaves if you pay attention to these three essential bread making tips when baking at home.
These three tips will help you make the best bread this side of town.
Tip No 1: The Magic of Active Yeast The bakers amongst us all know the crucial role that yeast plays in bread making.
It is a living plant like micro organism, and as such, it needs to be active.
If you are unsure how old your yeast, you can apply a simple proofing test to check whether it is past its use by date.
The test involves placing your yeast in a cup of warm water along with a small amount of sugar.
If the yeast is active, the liquid should rise and start to bubble.
If nothing much happens, then your yeast could be too old.
Tip No 2: Proofing Bread Dough As well as testing the yeast, you should also be proofing your dough.
This means giving your bread dough adequate time to rise properly.
Many bakers like to proof their bread dough twice.
The first proofing is often done in a bowl after mixing, and then the second proofing in a bread pan ready for the oven.
You should see ample evidence of the dough rising after each stage of proofing.
Once the dough is nice and springy to the touch, it should be ready for the oven.
Tip No 3: Using a Bread Proofing Basket Other equipment that will be useful to purchase is a bread proofing basket.
Such a basket will hold the dough in shape before it is time to bake it in your oven.
There are a range of baskets that you can purchase, some with vents and others without.
The better designed baskets have adequate ventilation that allows the dough to breathe properly, prior to baking.
When using your basket, some people like to add a light coating of flour or to spray it with a light film of oil to reduce sticking.
Make your home made bread in style, and don't forget the tips above to produce the best airy, light bread this side of town.
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