Nutrition - Why Are Many So-Called Health Foods Disguised as Junk Foods?

Eating healthy does not always mean eating smart.
Nutrition involves much more knowledge than just being able to read a label.
How important does trust play a role in what you eat? Who do you think knows best about how you should eat? Nutrition-why are many so called health foods disguised junk foods? Here are some of the reasons:
  1. Many food manufacturers make labels nice and eye-appealing for all the wrongs reasons.
  2. Your lack of knowledge is taken advantage of everyday.
  3. Your busy lifestyle takes away some of the quality time you need for"you".
  • Item #1.
    When a label says that the product is 100% whole wheat(an example) it means that the wheat used is 100% whole wheat.
    It does not mean that the other ingredients are whole wheat.
    Do you understand what I mean? Any label that makes a blatant statement to get your attention has fine print that is required by law to state all the ingredients.
    Do you ever take the time to read the fine print? You should.
  • Item #2.
    Any processed food has it's life taken out of it in the processing.
    Their are many advantages of doing this but their are many disadvantages also.
    Do you know what they are? If you are overweight or obese, their are many things you need to learn about food products that would make you change your mind about having gastric bypass.
  • Item #3.
    Time is short for many of you.
    I fully understand that, most of us are on the run everyday.
    This hectic lifestyle should include quality time for you.
    Studying about what should go in your mouth is a lifetime priority.
    How are you going to spend all the money you make if your health isn't a priority? Who are you trying to fool, yourself?
Being obese is going to kill you.
Do you understand? It's never too late to make a commitment to yourself.
Start today, do it now, take action and get the help you need, I did.
Food for thought.
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