The Gamut Of Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is a modern healthcare approach that diagnoses and cures diseases and disabilities to maximize the movements and function of the body through physical means. A physiotherapy practitioner aims to enhance the health, lifestyle and quality of life by reducing the stiffness of the body and by increasing the mobility. Physiotherapists are able to restore the body back to optimum health without any surgical intervention and thus, this holistic approach has gained popularity worldwide in recent years.

HereâEUR(TM)s a look at some of the most appreciated physiotherapy methods and treatments.

Manual Hand-On Treatment
This treatment usually includes some hands-on approaches like stretching, massaging, compressing, etc. Many physiotherapists believe that manual therapy warms up the muscles and improve the blood circulation in the body. These warming up processes increase the oxygen supply in limbs leading to loosening of the stiff muscles and connective tissues.

Physiotherapy With Medications
In some cases, physiotherapists use a combination of medical drugs with massage therapy to help the patient recover faster. It is extremely beneficial in providing relief from ankle sprains and muscle strains if a patient takes muscle relaxant drugs along with the therapy.

The invention of ultrasound has revolutionized the medical science. Physiotherapists utilize the real time ultrasound techniques to identify the status of tissues in the muscles and organs. This unique method has enabled the practitioners to detect the minor contractions in muscles that cannot be accessed directly. It emits mild heat waves to warm up the tissues and thus, speeding up the recovery process.

Electrical Stimulations
This technique includes use of electrical signals in a controlled manner to stimulate and contract the muscle tissues. It is highly effective for the patients suffering from traumatic injuries and the people who have lost their muscular functions. It alleviates pain and restores the mobility of the body in a quicker way.

Physiotherapy is extremely effective in the treatment of various muscular and cardiovascular diseases including chronic heart disease, stroke, arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, obstructive pulmonary disease, muscle strains, etc.

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