The Antidote For Failure - Yes There is an Antidote For Failure Which I Will Reveal to You Below!

Recently I've read a book that unknown to me has made a million millionaires.
This is where I discovered the Antidote for failure.
Have you heard of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson...
Well they all credit this book as having part in their success story, and now I do to.
The book is called "Think and Grow Rich.
" The book was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie for a young man by the name of Napoleon Hill.
The commission was to discover the philosophy of success; which he did.
The book outlines 13 principles for success.
One of them is the antidote for failure.
That antidote is called Faith.
Here is what I learned about Faith and overcoming failure.
FAITH is the only known antidote for FAILURE! 2.
You can develop Faith.
FAITH is the beginning also of all riches! 4.
Faith works! Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? This is where drug companies during clinical trials with patients are giving either a real drug or just one full of sugar for the illness that the drug was developed for.
What happens every time is that some of those that were giving the fake drug (placebo) end up getting healed or with noticeable improvement in their illness because they really believed that they were getting a drug that was going to heal them and had the desire to be healed.
Our thoughts are very powerful! 5.
FAITH is also the energy which gives life and action to our thoughts! You see when you actually come to believe in something is when you take action upon that belief.
For example would you sit in a chair that you think looks old and fragile and the minute you sit on it you believe that you will end up on the floor, of course not.
But if you see a chair which you believed looked sturdy and strong enough to hold you, you would not hesitate to sit on it, even though you have never sat on it before.
That fact is we exercise faith every day, when we eat the food that we bought at a supermarket because we believe that it is safe to eat and not full of poison.
When we drive through a green light we believe others will stop at their red light instead of plowing into us.
Faith is what actually gets us through our day.
Just think about all the things you do throughout the day that is really based on your belief that certain things will go this way or that.
It causes you to take certain action.
So the next step to do is develop the Faith in yourself to succeed.
Really come to believe it.
The next step tells you how.
Faith is developed by a principle called auto-suggestion.
Most of us; if not ourselves, have seen children who develop into adults who end up either going from one job to another and never succeed at anything because of parents that have done nothing but put them down all of their lives.
They were constantly telling them that they were losers and that they will never amount to anything.
All of this negative talk which is also the major cause for our failures is due to the principle of auto suggestion.
This is where the term "garbage in, garbage out.
" came from.
Our mind is like a computer that can be programmed for failure or for success.
All success begins as a thought that once believed leads to actions that bring about success.
That first believe, starts with you.
Take that action today.
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