CFC and SvFL Servants For Family and Life-What is More Powerful Than Trust in God?

Just yesterday I had an awesome experience with my fellow brothers in Christ; also formerly called SOLD (Servants of the Lord) Franco Arollado's place at Pasir Ris.
Servants for Family and Life (SvFL) is a community of men who are mostly overseas contract workers (also commonly known as OFW or overseas Filipino workers) though most of us have permanent jobs here in Singapore, an expatriate would be nice to hear too.
SvFL is just one of the ministries under CFC FFL.
Although most of us are away from our loved ones in our home country, the Philippines, others who are single parents (widowers, separated, or divorced), unmarried mature single men are also most welcome to get involve with the community.
A household normally starts with songs of praise and worship with high amounts of energy.
Next, each one of us had the chance to give our prayers of gratitude such as God's blessings, our job, our skills, good health and so on.
Then we offer our prayers of petition (ask for something, could be good health, a good job and so on) with a mixed of penitence or asking for forgiveness.
Then we do some bible reading or scriptural sharing.
Lastly, the best part is sharing of our personal testimonies or reflection based from the scripture of that day.
I believed that getting involved with this community is one of the best things that happened to me here while I am away from my family.
Spiritual nourishment and development are just one of the essential keys to overcome homesickness.
It is very tough and challenging when you are away from loved ones.
Another very vital key of personal growth formation for me is openness.
I felt the sense of connectedness when communicating with my fellow brothers (even sisters too on some occasions).
There are no inhibitions most especially when we share our testimonies about life's experience.
This is so crucial as we learned how to deal with life from each one's personal struggles and overcoming life's challenges.
I've heard about life threatening experiences, financial struggles, problems coping with children, or just mere overcoming of fear.
There were so many kinds of close to tragic stories but there is only one denominator that every one of us had experience that is our commitment to trusting in God.
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