The Basics Needed For Success

Regardless of whether it is individual, group or team success we are pursuing there is wide array of skills, knowledge and passion needed to attain our prescribed definition of success.
Each pursuit will be individually different depending on a number of issues involved.
The individuals or team members involved, the environment in which you operate, the amount of competition that is chasing the same cherished prize.
Even with all of these individualities there are some constants as well.
As with many other articles this is not meant to be an exhaustive list but a snapshot of some of the key areas that is associated with all pursuits of success.
The concept is to use this list to help you create your own.
To take what has been outlined and expand upon it.
I have heard many times that to be successful find someone that has done what you aspire to and do what they did.
I am not so sure about that.
Obviously by doing this you will get close to the same result they have had.
Nothing wrong with that? Sure, but how about we look at this concept.
Look what has been done and how it was done and then think it through to another level.
This way the result you will achieve will be far superior to the original concept and result.
This is what I would like you to do with this list.
Look at it understand it and how it relates to you.
Expand upon it, rewrite it, but when you do rewrite it, do it to another level.
So here is a brief insight into some of the resources needed for success.
Time Probably our most sacred commodity.
How many times have you heard lack of time being used as reason for lack of performance? Pursuing success takes time both, long term and short term.
You need to workout a strategy of time usage.
This strategy will need to take into account what amount of time you will need on a daily basis.
You will also have to take into account how long you will need to pursue your success.
If you have not planned you're time usage correctly and you find yourself short of time you will begin to take short cuts and make compromises to get what needs to be done in the reduced amount of time.
Understanding What is this pursuit of success all about? What do I need to attain it.
Who has done this in the past.
Who can I use to help me.
What are the pitfalls in this pursuit that I am about to undertake? When I achieve this success what am I going to get from it? These and many other question should be asked and answered well before the pursuit of success begins.
The better the understanding the better the planning, the better the planning the increased chances of attaining the success.
Skill What skills are needed to attain the success we desire? Many times success has not been pursued because the people involved do not believe they posses the skills needed.
They may well be right.
But I see the gaining of the skills required as part of the journey that success is.
As I said earlier the real key is to identify the skills needed and then do a balance sheet of the skills you have and the skills you may require.
Knowledge What intellectual strengths do you have that is going to allow this pursuit of success to become reality? There is distinct difference here between understanding and knowledge.
Understanding is your insight to the general concept you are pursuing.
Knowledge is part of the skill base you have that will help you achieve your desired result.
If your knowledge areas are lacking then the attainment of newfound knowledge becomes part of the process to attaining your success.
No matter what knowledge you require there is fair chance it is documented somewhere all you need to do is being committed and resourceful in finding that knowledge.
Attitude Take a minute here to think about people that you deem to be successful.
What is there attitude like.
Some are very much in your face others a little more laid back.
But regardless of the public perception they all have to varying degrees an attitude.
Some take the time to share it with us where other keep it to themself.
What you do is you're decision.
But an attitude very much becomes a significant part of pursuing success.
The one thing you need to be careful of don't let ego or attitude be mistaken for arrogance.
Most of us can handle a healthy attitude very few of us can handle arrogance at any level.
Don't try to become something you are not, but a healthy dose of attitude will go along way to helping you achieve your success.
Support Without doubt you will need help in your pursuit of success.
This help can be in a variety of ways.
Perhaps someone actually helping you on the day to day because of the skills they have.
A group of people working as support group to help you through the good times and the bad.
Perhaps a mentor or a coach that will help you see the light when all you can see is darkness.
No doubt you are a talented individual but find the right people that can compliment your individual brilliance.
Your success or the pursuit of it will be greatly enhanced by the support and input of others.
Commitment Doesn't matter how much or to what degree you want what you do.
Unless you have an absolute, no compromise, no questions asked commitment to your success and the things needed to achieve it there is fair chance you will come up short.
Now you like I have had first hand experience in seeing someone with very little effort achieve a significant result.
How did they do it? It is a question I have asked myself many times, it is a question I have asked the people I have witnessed do it many times.
I am still no closer coming up with a definitive answer.
But I will say this if you are serious about pursuing success don't leave anything to chance.
You will needed commitment and plenty of it.
Commitment is easy in the early part when emotion is running high.
Commitment is easy when things are going well.
Commitment is easy when you can see yourself getting closer to your desired result.
Commitment is really needed when none of the above is present.
Commitment is needed when it seems like it is just you against all of the odds that are present.
Commitment is needed when everything around is telling you that you cannot to attain your success.
Now what we have gone through are a few basic ingredients for success.
Basic in concept, complex in instigation and exciting with the results they will bring.
Success is about doing the basic thing exceptionally well and doing them consistently.
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