It Is Stupid to Reject Wisdom

Suggested Reading: Proverb 1:20-23 God's wisdom is not hard to find, because His "wisdom calls aloud in the street.
" Here wisdom is portrayed as a woman.
In Greek, the word for wisdom is Sophia -a female name.
I find that quite significant since Wisdom is portrayed as a lady in the book of Proverbs.
First of all, we find here a reference to the volume of her voice: she "calls aloud, she raises her voice" -indicating that wisdom is not hard to come by.
"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you.
He will not rebuke you for asking.
" (James 1:5).
It is very clear that God is not stingy with His wisdom.
He loves sharing with those who ask.
It must be said that wisdom is not the same as intelligence.
Knowledge that is never applied is useless.
Wisdom is the application of knowledge in such a way as to make life better for those who apply what they learn.
In this way they improve not only their own lives, but the lives of all around them.
Education without wisdom is a destructive instrument.
There are many educated fools in this world.
The history of mankind attests to that.
Most of the world's notorious leaders who committed the most atrocious crimes against humanity were educated and well educated at that.
On the other hand, wisdom is God's gift to a person to live skilfully and in consideration of others.
Secondly, there is a reference to the geographical location where wisdom is found calling and raising her voice.
  • Wisdom is found "In the street," where people walk.
    On this journey through life we meet with many potential pitfalls.
    As we walk this way, wisdom is offering to teach us the things that will protect us from these many pitfalls.
  • Wisdom is available "In the public squares.
    " A public square reminds one of a place in the heart of a town where open markets are held and traders boisterously sell off their wares.
    For me, therefore, this is an allusion to the many different kinds of people we deal with in a business setting.
    This indicates that wisdom is available to us for the purposes of teaching us how to handle and grow our relationships with others.
  • "In the noisy streets she cries out.
    " Those places where we find ourselves overwhelmed by the noise of the world, when circumstances are getting the better of us; where the voices of the world are drowning out the voice of God, there we will find her crying out.
    She lifts her voice above the noise of the world.
    Are we listening? Would we like to invite Wisdom to guide us?
  • Wisdom is also found "In the gateways.
    " Where we enter new seasons in our lives, there we will find the wisdom of God available to us.
    Difficult decisions need not give us sleepless nights.
    We can call on the Giving God who gives generously of His wisdom, without finding fault.
Wisdom is so freely available that only someone who enjoys being stupid would ignore her cries.
Only a fool who hates knowledge would reject her advice.
Wisdom challenges us when we open ourselves to it.
It is a challenge, because we become more acutely aware of the right and the wrong.
A person, who loves the wrong, would rather ignore the cries of wisdom and embrace the darkness instead.
Therefore, the know-it-all kind of person does not embrace wisdom.
He simply doesn't enjoy it when his faults are pointed out and he is challenged to change.
This kind of person enjoys going his own way, even if it is the wrong way.
But for those willing to obey, Wisdom will pour her heart out to them (telling them great and unsearchable things they do not know) and the thoughts of God is made known to those who love wisdom.
Those who love knowledge will embrace wisdom.
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