Drug Test Club Offers the Best Home Drug Test for the Greatest Value

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Home drug tests are popular in the United States with concerned parents who seek to keep children accountable for their choices. These sensitive and effective tests are also being used in school athletic departments and by businesses who require pre-employment screening. If you have been looking for the highest quality home drug test for the best value, look no further than the Drug Test Club.

Drug Test Club not only offers a home drug test that is affordable, but one that is also 99% accurate. Offering more affordable prices, FDA approval, free shipping, corporate discounts, 10-drug testing, live support and an informative newsletter, Drug Test Club's home drug test has proven to be the best test for the greatest value.


In a recent price comparison, Drug Test Club offered the lowest price when compared to two of the most readily available home drug test kits: First Check® drug test and Walgreens' at-home drug test. At the low price of $29.99, Drug Test Club is not only the most affordable home drug test, but is as accurate as drug tests used in physicians' offices.


Drug Test Club offers a home drug test that is FDA-approved, ensuring that it is safe and effective for forensic urinalysis of substance abuse. They meet the FDA's stringent approval requirements for medical devices, providing the best quality in design, material, chemical composition, and manufacturing process.

Free Shipping

Drug Test Club customers have commented on how amazed they are at how quickly their order arrives. Your home drug test arrives in discreet packaging with no additional shipping charges. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping is included with every purchase and is usually delivered in 2-4 business days.

Corporate Discounts

Studies show that when companies identify drug use in prospective employees and offer assistance–such as treatment, counseling or an employee assistance program–it is more cost-effective than replacing an employee who later tests positive for substance abuse. For this reason, Drug Test Club offers discounts on 12 or more tests for companies who require pre-employment drug screening as part of their hiring process.

10-Drug Testing

The home drug test cup provides quick results in one easy step. It is the most innovative home drug test on the market, testing for ten different substances: marijuana (THC), amphetamine (AMP), barbiturate (BAR), benzodiazepines (BZD), cocaine (COC), methamphetamine (MDMA), methamphetamine (MET), opiates (OPI), oxycodone (OXY), and phencyclidine (PCP). Drug test strips for each drug are located inside the cup so that it is not necessary to handle the specimen.

Live Support

Drug Test Club is pleased to provide you with live support. A home drug test representative is available to answer your questions and direct you to additional resources and information that may be beneficial to you, your family or your business.


Drug Test Club is one of the only home drug test providers that offers their customers a free newsletter. Simply submit your name and email address at www.drugtestclub.com to get the latest news and information on drug testing and prevention.

To get the highest quality home drug test for the best value, join Drug Test Club today! Their FDA-approved tests are specifically designed to be very easy and highly effective. Drug Test Club's home drug tests provide an affordable alternative to the traditional drug testing methods, allowing you to perform testing on ten of the most commonly used drugs in an efficient and safe manner.
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