Bacterial Vaginosis - Read This If You Want Some Answers!

Do you know the symptoms of BV? Usually, the signs that show that you have this infection are itchiness around vaginal area, the feeling of burning sensation during urination process, pain during sexual activity and an abnormal discharge of the vagina which has a change in color with a stinky smell.
The very common infection a woman can possibly get is called as bacterial vaginosis or BV for short.
This kind of infection is not sexually transmitted but rather it is the cause of the imbalance of bacteria in the vagina.
A condition whereas the good bacteria are overwhelm with the harmful ones.
If you have multiple sex partners then you are prone in having BV.
This is because of the bacteria that you can possibly get from the men's penis.
A study shows that 20% of pregnant women have this condition.
There are different common symptoms of having BV such as different amount of discharge from the vagina such as thick or thin amounts of vaginal discharge with a gray or yellowish color.
A strong stink odor can also be a symptom especially after sexual intercourse, a feeling of burning sensation during urination process, the feeling of itchiness and discomfort.
Actually, BV infection is still misunderstood by experts but it is also known that any woman can experienced this condition even if they are not sexually active.
There are also some things you must avoid when you have BV such as over washing the vagina, using scented soap in washing or taking a bath, wearing tight clothes and other medical conditions because it can develop the risk of vaginal infection.
As advised, this type of condition must be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid BV from getting worst.
If you will leave it untreated then you will have the possibility to endure some more serious disease such as HIV and STD.
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