My Audience With God - Ten Questions and Answers

I couldn't believe it when I got the message emblazoned on a rainbow of my dreams. God had decided to grant me an audience.

Oh the joy of it. I trembled in anticipation. I have been longing to have a personal meeting with God, and now it was happening.

My mind seemed scrambled in anticipation. What would I ask Him? I had so many questions. Here is a short list I came up with. One doesn't want to take too much of God's precious time:

1. Dear God will I be accepted in Heaven?

2. Dear God will you protect me from evil?

3. Dear God have I been a good person in your eyes?

4. Dear God will you hear my prayers?

5. Dear God will you grant me my wishes?

6. Dear God can I count on your blessing?

7. Dear God will you grant me good health?

8. Dear God will you help me defeat my enemies?

9. Dear God will you keep me from being lonely?

10. Dear God will you accept me as a Person of Faith?

God smiled at me and chuckled. He wanted to know why I assumed that he had all the answers?

I didn't know what to say. I stuttered and stammered and finally in a hoarse voice that sounded more like a mummer I managed to tell Him that it was because I believed in Him and believed that He had all the answers.

At this point God laughed. The whole night's sky seemed to light up with his merriment, and he told me that He would answer my questions as follows:

1. If you believe in me you have assured yourself of a place in my Heaven and of your dreams.

2. If you have faith in me as all-powerful, I will protect you from evil.

3. If you believe in me, how could I conceive of you as being anything other than a good person?

4. I hear your prayers and know your fears now as I always have, and those of all people who believe in me.

5. I will grant your wishes if they are in the public good.

6. You have my blessing as do all people of faith.

7. I will grant you the health and strength to believe in me and in your future.

8. Your enemies will be my enemies and since I love all mankind, I know no enemies, and neither will you.

9. You are not alone any more, for now you have found me, and I am always with you.

10. I accept you as a Person of Faith if you can learn to believe in me and be inspired by what you cannot see or understand.

And with that last statement God was gone and my audience was over in a flash of blazing glory.

But I accept that God is never gone from our midst and believe that he is always with us, do you? Are you a Person of Faith?

Do you believe in what you cannot see or comprehend?

Would you like a personal audience with God?

Do you have enough faith to believe in his presence?

Hurry, God may be waiting to hear from you!

Please feel free to use this article as long as credit is given to the resource box.
(C) Copyright Arthur Levine 2006

Arthur Levine is a columnist for the Religion and Spirituality Forum of United Press International, and the author of the Faith Patch Manual. To discover seven secrets of how to find more faith and preview the book, please access:

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