The Team Beachbody eGift Card is the ultimate present

 Buying one could not be simpler and the person receiving it will be eternally grateful. Passing on a gift card for a birthday or Christmas means that you are giving somebody the opportunity to change their lives. Everybody is used to getting gift cards for items such as CDs or clothes, but this is a gift that could last a very long time. Good health is essential and it is easy to achieve with the right tools and the right support.

The card can be used to purchase a variety of fitness programs and equipment as well as nutritional supplements and meal replacements. If you know somebody who wants to take that step but has not yet managed to, give them the boost that they need (as well as a shove in the right direction!).

And if all that is not enough good news for you, the eCards are available as soon as you purchase them, so if you forget a gift you know where there is one readily available that is always welcome. The gift cards do not expire, so the recipient can take as much time as they need to make that difference in their lives.

Buying the card is easy. All you need to do is choose a design and add a personal message. Complete the details on the delivery information and just ‘add to cart'. When you get to the online checkout you can complete the checkout. The Team Beachbody eGift cards can only be purchased by Team Beachbody members, so if you are lucky enough to receive one then you know that the person sending it really knows the benefits of Team Beachbody. If you are not a member of Team Beachbody but would like to send one of the gift cards then all you need to do is sign up. There are both free and paid membership options.

When the eCard is delivered to the specified destination it is usually within minutes of the order being placed. Team Beachbody also provides detailed instructions on how it can be used. The card can only be used on Shop as you normally would and then when adding in the payment information you simply put the redemption code which is on the eGift card. There is no requirement to spend the full amount on the card, so any of the balance not used will remain on the gift card for use at a later date.

As with all aspects of the Team Beachbody service, if you are having any problem they are on hand to help. They can answer any questions that you may have and will help you to resolve any issues.

So what can you buy with your eGift card? Some of the best workout programs in the world are available on Team Beachbody and no matter what your taste there is a program to suit. If you want to work on specific problem areas then you can opt for a program like the ‘Brazil Butt Lift', which aims to give you a supermodel's rear. Those who are strapped for time could choose the 10-Minute Trainer workouts which are designed for busy people but still aim to get maximum results. Those who need their workouts to have a little more of a funky feel might want to opt for Hip Hop Abs, a dance based program which is designed to be fun as well as effective.

Tai Cheng is a workout which mixes the basics of Tai Chi with contemporary moves to give an effective workout across no less than 12 DVDs. TurboFire is a cardio-based programme which can transform your shape and your life in just a couple of months. For those who want to go for high impact the P90X series of programs is a great starting point as these are designed to get results in just 90 days.

If the workout programs do not appeal then there are always the Shakeology meal replacements. These are delicious shakes which have been formulated to ensure that you have the right amount of vitamins and minerals to get you through the day and help you to feel fuller for longer, so you are less likely to snack.

No matter what you choose to spend your eGift card on, you can be sure that it is a product that will make a serious difference to your life.
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