Vistaril for Anxiety and Other Concerns

More and more people these days are suffering from anxiety. Depending on the condition of the patient, the doctor may prescribe Vistaril for anxiety. This medicine is also called hydroxyzine pamoate and is often used for short-term anxiety relief or tension. At times, it can also be used for treating allergic reactions.

The Vistaril is available in tablets and in using this medicine you will have to obtain a doctor's prescription. Adults can be given 50mg €" 100mg that should be taken at least four times each day. It can also be given to children but the dosage will be based on the weight of the child. In most cases, 2mg for every kilogram is given but it should not exceed 50mg.

This medicine is not for everyone. Patients that are hypersensitive to hydroxyzine shouldn't take Vistaril, as well as breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women. You also need to be aware that this medicine can interact with other drugs such as barbiturates, analgesics, and narcotics. If you are taking this medicine, you should also avoid alcohol intake.

Like other medications, taking Vistaril can have side effects. Most anxiety patients experience drowsiness and dry mouth. There is nothing to worry because such side effects are short lived and mild. Some patients also claim that they suffer from cognitive effects like irritability, nervousness, and confusion.

In order to overcome anxiety, the patient will play a vital role. It is said that the patient must fight this condition and taking medicines is not always the solution. If there is no basis for being anxious, you should learn to fight it. For patients working with dangerous machinery, doing hazardous tasks, and driving, there is a need to inform your doctor about it. By taking Vistaril, you can be exposed to danger. You should be very cautious to avoid potential accidents.

Aside from Vistaril for anxiety, the doctor may also prescribe Ativan, Effexor, BuSpar, Lexapro, Klonopin, Paxil, Luvox CR, and many others.

Dealing with anxiety can be very depressing. Aside from the prescription drugs, the doctor may also prescribe therapies. Vistaril is one of the most effective treatments that you can find but it would be best if you use it under the supervision of your doctor.

Anxiety can be classified into different categories. A person suffering from social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorder can be given Vistaril. There are also times when it can be administered to patients suffering from workplace anxiety or when before having a surgery.

Since the common side effects of Vistaril for anxiety can be bothersome, you can request a different medicine. You can talk to your doctor about the side effects that you're experiencing so that you can be prescribed with another medication. If you think that a family member is suffering from anxiety, you should consult with a specialist. It is not that easy to deal with anxiety attacks. At times, it can be exhausting and troublesome for the family. Dealing with anxiety properly is the best way to regain control of your life.

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