Hibernation for Tranquility

People are familiar with the image of bear hibernation although that is just an awake prone dormant sleep-like state.
During a long period of inactivity without eating food or drinking water, but just using the stored energy in its body until awaking, the bear gets thinner, and there must have been nothing inside its stomach.
We have sometimes wanted to be sleeping peacefully in oblivion in order for all the sorrow and sadness to be left in the outside world and the harsh hurricanes of life to be stopped at a closed door.
But human beings are not hibernating animals.
They just expect to have hibernation of mind - a temporary state in which their brains stop getting all information input.
Until when they have used up all of the information available in their minds, they will become more alert to receive the new and fresh energy.
However, how can they fall into oblivion? How can they hibernate? Now do you know how many ways to forget, like taking a yoga course or going away on a long trip? Put aside all things and perceive where you are living as the ruins after an earthquake.
When you realize that this imagination would kill yourself, then your body knows how to forget.
Actually there are many ways to forget.
Probably, one of the ways is to put a plenty of information into your mind in every single hour and day with the hope that the updated information would "push" the old existing one out of your memory.
Many people have chosen this way only to realize that their memories, after a period of time, have become almost a "landfill" and they themselves have been in an overwhelming state of being under a regular pressure.
Rushing themselves into all work and new relationships, getting updated information and changing physical appearances are all the ways people do to push "the clinging of the past" out of their memories.
You can also choose the way to go into hibernation like the bear.
It means that you choose to force yourself to be in a "stage of tranquility".
That is the stage in which we keep our minds peaceful and restful not only on the yoga mats but also in life.
Another simple way is that you just live more optimistically with less thinking.
Do not make yourself overwhelmed with trivial worries and enjoy life in a more positive and joyful way.
Give yourself some moments that make life more meaningful.
Do what you want to do and love in your own way.
Do not be afraid of or evade difficulty.
If you face a challenge, use a positive attitude to accept it.
If you complain or hesitate, then you will have no other way than inevitably facing it.
Therefore, do not delay any longer.
Every year the bear gives itself hibernation.
We do not know what the bear has forgotten after the hibernation.
However, we just know one thing for sure, that is, during the hibernation the bear has not remembered anything, but after the hibernation its mind as well as its body have been somewhat cleaned and emptied so as to start to receive new things more easily.
We do not know whether among the winter dreams of the bear there is a dream of finding happiness when spring is coming up or when it wakes up from the sleeping or not.
Yet, in our dreams, happiness is always a distant and beckoning silhouette.
So, occasionally, let your mind be released into hibernation.
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