The Link Between Smoking and Gum Disease - Is it Relevant?

If you have been anywhere near a television set or a radio anytime in the past several years, chances are that you are well aware of just what the effects of smoking are.
It can cause heart disease, stroke, and there is a strong link to cancer as well.
The link between smoking and your health doesn't end there; it has been known to contribute to the development of gum disease in adults, as well.
As you may know, gum disease is the primary cause of the loss of teeth in adults, and there are numerous things that have the potential to contribute to the development of this debilitating disease.
There are a few reasons why smoking and gum disease just don't go together.
First off, the nicotine in tobacco as well as the smoke produced from it both has the ability to prevent the body from being able to properly fight an infection.
The lower resistance to infection is what causes the gum disease to be more of a possibility; the immune system has a much higher chance of fighting off the disease in those who do not smoke cigarettes.
In addition, they can cause the blood vessels around the gums and teeth to constrict, which can be painful.
In essence, a smoker's mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease.
A great deal of research has been done into the links between smoking and oral health, and those studies have shown a positive link between the two.
People who smoke have the single highest possibility of acquiring gum disease during their lifetime.
Even those who smoke and quit have a substantially smaller possibility of suffering from gum disease.
Talk to your dentist about the link between smoking and your oral health.
They may be able to give you some advice and some statistics that can encourage you to quit smoking.
While you might have realized the link between your bodily health and smoking, the link between smoking and gum disease is something that many people have failed to realize.
If you find that you are developing dental problems and you smoke cigarettes, quitting that habit could have more of a positive effect on your mouth than you might think.
Gum disease develops in stages, and as the stages progress the condition becomes progressively worse.
Ultimately, periodontal disease could cause you to lose your teeth; is a cigarette every once in a while worth your smile?
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