Experience Consistent Success With These 3 Tips

True story.
I was being violently thrown against the side wall.
My shoulder skin being burned off with friction.
My ear repeatedly thrashed as my body lurched and I struggled to remain grounded.
I couldn't pull out of the centrifugal force that was pulling me out against my will.
I had to ride it through.
All the while I wondered who was watching my luge debacle.
Don't be confused.
I'm not an Olympic athlete (well, obviously).
I was on vacation in Germany and our group made a stop to ride the luge.
As we filed out of the bus, our tour guide gave us one brief instruction - lean into the curves.
As the luge came into view I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore.
The sled was a small platform with a seat and a lever that you straddled with your legs.
No seat belts, no helmets, no waiver forms to sign.
The luge operator gave us one instruction - pull up on the lever to stop, push down to go fast.
I had two instructions, and a plan.
Off I went.
The first ride down I thought about the Olympic trials.
I mean, I was a natural and I was fast.
I was sure everyone was thinking about how well I mastered this ride in such a short amount of time.
The second time down, my musings went to possible hospital options and locations.
I was sure everyone was now thinking about how many band-aids were in the medical kit.
What was different between the first ride and the second ride? I didn't apply what I knew to work.
To experience consistent success implement these 3 tips: 1.
Revisit past successes.
The first time down the luge, I did what was required when rounding the curves.
I leaned into them in direct proportion to the opposite force exerted on my sled.
That is what made me successful.
Remembering that for more than 5 minutes would have resulted in a second successful ride down.
Revisit what made you successful before and be intentional about applying the same principles to your current situation.
Keep doing what you know works.
The second time down, I leaned in, but not enough.
I didn't lean-in in direct proportion to the opposite force exerted on my sled.
For some odd reason, I thought I could do something a little different.
Let up a little.
That didn't result in a successful ride.
It resulted in injury.
If what you're doing is getting you the results you want, don't let up.
Don't do less.
Don't change the plan, keep doing what you know works.
Make the appropriate adjustments along the way.
I learned my lesson on that fateful curve.
I made the appropriate adjustments to insure I didn't incur anymore humiliation and injury on any subsequent curves.
The most important point is that I made the adjustments quickly.
I didn't sit around giving it a lot of thought, or argue with myself, or get the opinions of others.
I knew what needed to be done, and I did it, immediately.
Had I not heeded the sense of urgency, I would have gotten injuries on my right side to match my left side.
When you realize you're out of alignment with your goals, make the appropriate adjustments, now.
I doubt I will get back to Germany anytime soon to implement my skill on the luge.
However, I will apply what I learned to life to insure my consistent success.
What about you? In what areas of your life do you need to revisit past successes to continue doing what you know works? In what areas do you need to make adjustments? Today's the day to make it happen.
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