Finding Happiness With Forgiveness

It's not often that one word can require so much work, the real question is why? Why is it that a word involves speaking and working in one's life? Simply put but not simply done, it is a very important word that will follow a person throughout their life if it is not put into action properly.
Certain situations in our lives can cause so much pain that the other person who have caused the pain may be unaware of the severity of the long term effect of pain they have inflicted upon a person.
Then there are those times when we have been wrongfully done, suffered abuse of some kind, whether it was childhood molestation, childhood abuse from one's parent, step-parent, domestic violence from a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, betrayal, infidelity, a boss or supervisor who had issues of their own and was unable to be the leader in the position of authority they were given.
Whatever the reason or cause of pain or betrayal we have encountered throughout our lives, we are unable to have complete peace within our existence until we forgive all those who have wronged us, as well as whom we have wronged at some point in our lives.
If one continues to hang onto un-forgiveness you will become bitter, distant, and unhappy with yourself, not to mention unhappy with others around you.
Life is too short to continue day after day with un-forgiveness in one's heart.
The only place un-forgiveness has in one's life is continued sadness, continue to hold one back from the true fulfillment of joy and happiness in life.
It is at this point in life when you are ready to forgive a person for whatever the root of the painful incident first encountered, you must be ready to forgive and move on with your own life.
There are so many of us that have the mentality of thinking after a breakup or divorce or disengagement from people in our lives, we can at that point move on with life without looking back.
This is so far from being true, as stated previously in order to truly move forward in life; one must release the past in order to embrace the future.
The most important point to remember is your forgiveness is not about that person it's about you.
In order to forgive you must cut the cord between you and that person, forgive that person or persons, it is at this point the wounds begin to heal.
The pain of yesterday can dictate one's happiness of today...
you can begin the path of happiness by forgiving yesterday's hurts and welcoming the best of what is yet to come.
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