Thank You Power - How a Simple Thank You Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

People fight for it, gamble it and spend years in active pursuit of it, Nations have been built and ruined by it.
Men have died and families have been destroyed.
This one thing rules every corner of our lives but the world has yet to find a 'perfect balance' for it? What is this force? It's Power! Power is broadly defined as "a person or thing that possesses or exercises authority or influence ".
In our pursuit of 'success' we are actively pursuing the power that increased knowledge affords us but our focus on getting more and more power from this 'sole' source has often left us without a real connection to one of the purest sources of power known to man.
A power that will continue to fuel our energies and our successes way past those moments when the odds are stacked against us and we simply want to give up.
Melodie Beattie recognised the source of this power when she said "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion into clarity..
It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.
" Melodie has simply highlighted the importance of 'Thank You Power' Thank You Power Thank You Power is an invisible yet vital energy.
It is the extra-ordinary force that helps you to make the most of your life (warts and all) and comes from Acknowledging: The good things and/or the blessings in your life.
Recognising that the cup of life is half full even when it is half empty and saying thank you for the many great things that are and have been happening in your life however small they might be or trivial they may seem.
Today you may feel you have nothing to be grateful for.
This is not true.
There is always something to be grateful for even if it is simply the fact that you have been given the opportunity to see another day.
Actually this is a big deal as without that gift there really is nothing else.
The people in your life.
People make the world go around and giving one to another is an important part of life's cycle of highs and lows.
A simple thank you is worth a fortune and is the fuel that will help you to experience superior highs and push beyond your perceived limits.
Look at the growth of award ceremonies in recent years.
They have been created for one purpose alone to say Thank You.
Think about the last time someone said 'thank you 'or 'I appreciate you' to you.
How did you feel? Wouldn't you like to give that gift and power to someone else? By recognising the people and the things in your life with an attitude of gratitude you will be surprised at just how wonderful your world will begin to look.
The lens through which you view the world will direct you to a colourful and rich landscape in which you will truly believe that all things are possible and dreams really do come true and you will make powerful connections with like minded people.
Here are some things you can do now to help you to access and benefit from The power of Thank You.
Create a gratitude journal.
Get a book that you like the look of and dedicate it to the things in your life you are grateful for.
At the end of each day before you go to sleep write down five things that you are grateful for.
Some days this will be easier than others but keep going even when you think there is nothing to be grateful for.
It doesn't have to be complicated it can be as simple as Today I am grateful that I got up when the alarm went off, the first time.
Start each day with the attitude of gratitude.
When you wake up in the morning say thank you for another day and look forward eagerly to what lies ahead.
Set the tone/agenda for your day.
Remind yourself, aloud, that you are looking forward to the many blessings or things that you will be grateful for.
This will ensure that you are looking for opportunities to be grateful and will therefore have lots of things to write when you get home but more importantly you will make a difference in other people's lives.
Say thank you.
Sounds like a simple one but so many times we take things or people for granted and forget to say those simple two words instead assuming that people know.
Even if they do it is still more powerful to know than to assume.
Buy, make some thank you cards and send them anytime you want to say a special thank you.
Tell people you appreciate them and what they do.
Remember to single people out, family, friends, employees, colleagues etc.
and tell them the difference they have made in your life, to the situation etc.
This simple act has been known to revive people and replenish otherwise empty energy sacs.
When last have you sent a card or a note to someone just to acknowledge them and say you value the role they play in your life? Let today be the day you start living life fuelled by the power of Thank You!
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