One Can Be Polite Without Being Phony

Being polite is something that any well-mannered individual should do naturally.
However, in many cases it does not, and in an attempt to appear well-mannered, some people replace actually being polite with phoniness.
While basic decency should demand that someone treat others politely and with respect, there often appears to be as many ill-mannered individuals who are rude rather than polite.
Many of those individuals, in an attempt to appear to be "nicer" than they actually are, often "act" like they are polite, while actually merely being phony.
One should not have to think about being polite.
However, one merely needs to observe conversations to notice how many people do not really want to do the polite thing and listen to others, but are constantly interrupting.
Numerous studies, as well as personal observations, have clearly indicated that most people's favorite subject is themselves.
They don't really want to hear about others.
How many times have you heard someone say, "Hello, how are you?" while never waiting or truly desiring any response to that question.
Many of those individuals want to appear polite, so they ask a question that they believe will make it look like they care, while, in actuality, are simply asking this question to "prop up" their self image.
However, one can be polite without being a phony.
Many individuals try to act as if they are polite, appearing to pay attention and listen to others while not really caring about what is being said.
This is most often witnessed when observing individuals who like to pretend that they are caring, while really only being interested in their own agenda.
Personally, I would much prefer interacting with someone who is rude by nature, but at least is sincere and pays attention, and directly addresses you, than one of the many people who pretends to care, but really is only interested in whatever they want.
These people will often appear to be soft spoken and attentive, while they actually are simply manipulative and attempting to use other people.
Often, this is seen in leaders without any vision of their own, who try to make it appear that everyone else's best idea is really their idea.
However, they usually are "like the wind," not even willing to commit to an idea until after they observe the sentiments of others.
Some see this as being a populist, but I believe it is merely the behavior of an inattentive, manipulating, weak individual, who really does not exhibit leadership skills.
Why can't people merely be polite to others, without having an ulterior motive? Being polite does not mean that you have to be a phony!
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