Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Jews? - The Divided Kingdom And A Man Called Tom Paine

Continuing from my previous article:"Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Jews? - The Twelve Tribes and The True Church - Part 1.
I am staying with the subject of The Divided Kingdom and, how, when we do not understand The Truth of this subject it can cause catastrophic consequences in our lives, no more so, than in the life of a man by the name of Tom Paine.
Tom Paine is probably better known in the USA than here in England and a more interesting person you would be hard pressed to find.
Tom Paine was born an Englishman, in Thetford, Norfolk, helped the Americans in their fight for independence and returned to live in England.
Now how did he get away with that!? He then wrote a book entitled The Rights of Man which the authorities here in England considered to be seditious and/or treasonable.
In it, he spoke out against hereditary governance and spoke for, equal political rights, whereby all men over the age of 21 should be given the vote.
This was the equivalent of putting a stick in a hornets nest as he advocated the setting up of a House of Commons and the abolishing of the House of Lords.
The book was banned and resulted in him being charged with seditious libel so he fled the country to France.
There, he becomes a French citizen.
It seems, though, that wherever this man went, trouble followed him like a cloud for, whilst in France during the time of the Revolution he spoke out in defence of King Louis XVI and opposed his execution.
Not the wisest of actions you might think, needless-to-say he ends up in prison and is sentenced to death.
His luck holds out though when James Monroe, an American minister, negotiates his freedom by putting pressure on the French Government.
This though does not quench his thirst for controversy because, whilst in prison he pens another book entitled The Age of Reason based on the subject of the Christian Religion.
This book had a huge impact because it questioned the truth of Christianity and, in particular, he criticised The Holy Scriptures, especially the Old Testament for being untrue and immoral.
He also criticised the Gospel accounts because of their 'inaccuracies' and 'contradictions.
' The Bible 'Contradiction' issue is as old as the New Testament itself, so therefore nothing new.
This contradiction issue is caused by a combination of several things: corrupted English translations, Spiritual blindness, the wrong approach, impatience and a lack of belief.
However, this is subject matter for another article.
Suffice it to say, Tom Paine turned his back on the Christian Religion because of what he perceived to be untruths and contradictions in Holy Scripture, especially in the Old Testament.
Now what were these purported untruths and what were the factors that created them? Why, they were his inability to square the supposed facts that the Jews were the inheritors of the birthright blessings.
It is only when we read Holy Scriptures from a position of Spiritual blindness, i.
that each reference to Israel and Judah is a reference to the Jews alone that 'contradictions' appear, in reality though they are not contradictions at all.
It is only when we remain under the impression that each statement refers to one and the same people that confusion sets in or alternatively we have to get into huge programmes of intellectual explaining away.
Tom Paine failed to see the two common errors, the common error of not understanding that the Twelve Tribes were to become twelve nations and looking at the Jews as the House of Israel instead of just being the House of Judah.
This is just a simple acknowledgement of the fact that Israel became a divided nation of two separate individual nations, before finally becoming twelve nations.
He states unflinchingly in his writings that he was led into unfaithfulness because he saw that the Jews could never verify the promises given to Israel; he therefore gave the Holy Bible up as a myth.
This is a very sad story indeed and all for want of understanding the true identity of The House of Israel or the Ten Tribes i.
that they were not Jews - Israelites yes, but not Jews.
Charles Crosby
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