Positively Positive - Now That"s The Right Stuff

I can make you feel like a monarch for a day! Who does not want to be pampered? You must respond serious when you're ask what is it that you really desire.
It should not be taken lightly if you are fortunate with many gifts.
Perhaps you should start thinking about it as a child.
Always have an active plan "B" on your planner guide for any what if.
That's correct, you want to train, practice and be able to execute both strategies.
It may require you to ask yourself some tough questions.
Do I have thick skin to be tested, tried and found worthy for the task? Will morals, values and goals suffer compromise? What's in it for me or what is the motive behind the circumstances? I want discipleship as my motive I want my future inheritance to know and understand that together we can accomplish great things.
Know that achievements are recorded and records can be broken and reestablished.
I want to leave a legacy for my future inheritance to inspire and to do greater than I.
Based on your lifestyle a blessed generation inheritance may be the order of acceptance.
Be prompt.
Consider arriving ten minutes early.
Early arrival is a good habit to practice.
The United States has more than one time zone.
It also demonstrates courtesy.
Understanding how to budget is important.
Always negotiate before making a purchase, it's your money.
Learn how to calculate your savings by eliminating interest and credit cards.
The lender will always have power over the borrower.
Someone has to recognize and take ownership of a problem.
Consider others ideas when you are interacting with them.
No one has all the answers and no one wants to be totally left out on problem solving.
Start with an analysis of the problem, next is a proposal to identify, present and to study the recommendations as a team.
There are key elements in every process that must be identified and studied and considered before moving forward.
Group size is very important in the workplace.
Positive enhancements must be included into the equation so feel free to borrow expertise.
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