How to Make a Baby Burp Cloth


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    • 1). Purchase one bag of white cloth diapers. If you are using disposable diapers, you'll never be confused. If you're using cloth diapers, you may want to dye the ones for burping a pale yellow, because that's what color the stains will most likely be. Using cloth diapers for the first few months is great because they are soft, and you can toss them in with baby's laundry. You can also bleach them to keep them white. (When you no longer need burp cloths, cloth diapers make excellent cloths for dusting the house or waxing the car.)

    • 2). Use old washcloths as burp cloths as the baby gets a little older and the softness doesn't necessarily matter. It doesn't matter if they're already stained. Once they get too stained, toss them out or use them as cleaning rags.

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      There comes a day when you no longer worry about it.

      Cut your old ragged towels in thirds to create burp cloths. Just trim the loose threads with scissors. As the child grows, the amount he can spew increases, and the longer towels will help protect your clothes. As the child reaches the age of eating in a high chair, the towels can be used as bibs; sew on Velcro or use a safety pin to attach.

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