How to Learn Mentalism

Magicians and magic fascinate people all over the world.
If the magician is an expert like David Copperfield, you marvel at how he does the trick of flawlessly making things disappear before your very eyes.
You would have believed that the gleaming car had actually disappeared from your sight if you were not aware David is a magician.
Magic and mentalism employ the same basic principles.
What is mentalism? In essence, it is just like magic, only you make people believe you really have a heightened sixth sense and that you are a mind reader and have special abilities of precognition.
How do you learn mentalism? It is best to;earn some simple magic tricks first so that you have an idea of how your potential audience reacts to these new found skills.
It is better if you learn the principles of magic first before you attempt to learn mentalism, because this skill also applies the rules of magic.
Try your hand with simple magic tricks like learning how to manipulate your fingers to make objects disappear, or guessing the card that the participant hid.
In this simple magic tricks, you can learn how to read people's expressions.
Facial expressions could denote if your guess is incorrect or not.
You could practice for as long as you still do not feel confident enough.
Learn how to read a slight facial tics or a quirk at the corner of the participant's mouth and so many other non-verbal messages.
Practice makes perfect Make your debut by inviting supportive family or friends to participate.
You need an assistant who would be among the crowd or group.
You should develop a coded message that only you and your assistant would understand.
Start by letting someone from the group hide an object you provide like a ball or a book.
Ask the audience to hide it and then you will guess where it is hidden.
You could also practice by asking someone to write a question.
The question is then placed in a sealed envelope.
You will be answering the question without opening the envelope.
You could learn the art of mentalism by being very observant.
Know how to interpret facial expressions and movements; even the eyes could reveal many things.
Having an assistant could help also through the use of coded communication.
Practice, practice and practice until you perfect the craft, before you go public.
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