Why 72% of Coaches Make LESS Than They Should (1 Secret to Amping UP Your Earnings Overnight)

Q: What differentiates coaches who earn GREAT money from those who don't? What separates those earning 10, 20 or even 30 thousand dollars a month doing work that they love...
from folks struggling to pay their bills? What makes great coaches great incomes? (and equally as importantly...
what makes great coaches accept LESS than they deserve?) In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some EMPIRICAL facts about coaching earnings, and see how ONE simple change can radically re-invent YOUR business, quite literally...
overnight! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below! Filed Under: According to recently published statistics on coaching earnings, only 28% of active, practicing coaches believe they are earning what they are worth.
(or, what they believed they would prior to entering the marketplace) The interesting thing? Of those who ARE earning the kind of money they believed they would...
many are earning more! The biggest differentiator between those who ARE earning great money and those who aren't? Very simple.
3 factors make all the difference.
It's NOT training, skill, empathy, certification or client results.
1 - Specializing is critical, even if it's just how you advertise and promote what it is that you do.
For example, every successful coach alive knows that you are going to end up working on the "whole' person to get results.
ironically, coaches who tell their clients that they work on the "whole" person do much, much worse than coaches who tell clients they only optimize ONE area.
For example - a spirituality coach will end up helping a client with mind, spirit and body, and may offer a breakthrough that has more to do with their business or brand than a spiritual epiphany.
BUT, specializing in spirituality, (or nutrition, finance, career, relationships or toherwsei) is CRUCIAL to getting paid what you deserve.
Otherwise: 2 - Fewer clients translate into MORE cash flow.
This goes much more into marketing...
and attracting quality clients, rather than a quantity of tire kicker types, but the real secret to a thriving, manageable coaching practice is know who your ideal audience is...
and craft your content, and curriculum around THAT community.
3 - Lastly, it's cliche...
but content IS king.
in my own business coaching coaches...
those who focus on certification and credentials ALWAYS end up earning less, and setting for scups, while those that focus on marketing and message, and creating content, continuity and conversation with their community do incredibly well.
It's that simple.
If you aren't spending 90 minutes a day creating and curating content that benefits your community, I can promise you that someone else IS, and they're getting their marketing message in front of YORU ideal audience.
The easiest way to up your income is simple: Focus on a small subset of your overarching niche, and assertively, aggressively and ambitiously approach them with your message.
Write articles.
Build your blog.
Self publish on Amazon.
(amazingly effective for coaches and personal development niches) Create content marketing campaigns like I'm doing here.
Leverage curated content platforms like Tumblr.
There are literally no less than 21 unique channels you can use to attract an avalanche of eyeballs to your most creative content...
and those that LOVE the living their earning use more of them, rather than less.
Always remember, the smartest or most magnanimous coaches are rarely the ones that serve those that need their help most.
And if you really BELIEVE that you are here to help and serve, you do yourself, and the KARMA of your community a dis-service by allowing others to acquire clients the universe set aside for you!
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