Ten Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Men are supposed to be the stronger sex, and are supposed to have no problem taking charge.
Right? Wrong! Shyness is a condition that many men suffer with.
It causes them to become struck with fear, and often has a negative impact in social settings.
This can be a huge problem when trying to approach a woman that has caught their attention.
The outcome is usually the loud and overly confident guy ends up taking the girl home, when in reality women really want the soft-spoken shy guy.
All is not lost, however, you can overcome this shyness.
Here are ten dating tips for shy guys.
oStart Small: The first of the dating tips for shy guys is to start small.
Do not try to do too much too soon.
Start with a simple smile that shows everyone you are nice, friendly, and approachable.
Once you feel confident with this, work into saying hello, and making a bit of small talk.
Build upon this until you feel confident enough to open up more.
oPractice Makes Perfect: The main reason men become shy is because they fear being turned down.
You can overcome this fear by practicing talking to women, or making a date for a friend.
Since you are doing this for someone else, you do not have to worry about your ego getting bruised, so you will be more apt to try new techniques.
Once you have done this a few times, you will find it is really not as hard as you thought! oDo Not Take Things Too Personally: Another of the most important dating tips for shy guys is to learn not to take things too personally.
You need to distance yourself a bit from every comment, or implied remark you hear.
People often say things that they do not really mean as a defense mechanism so do not let these remarks get you down.
If someone is being blatantly mean stand up for yourself, otherwise just brush it off and move on! oSet Reasonable Expectations: Try to refrain from expecting too much from simple conversations.
Do not set a specific goal; just be content to go with the flow for a while.
When you do not have a set outcome in mind, you will not feel disappointed if it is not met.
Letting things progress naturally will eliminate a great deal of stress and pressure.
oTalk To Many People: Practice talking to everyone you come into contact with.
You do not have to be attracted to these people, or even want a relationship with them, just communicate.
Talk to the grocery store cashier, the clerk at the dry cleaner, even the teller at the bank.
You will be pleasantly surprised to find that most people will welcome your friendliness.
oGo Out Often: The next of the dating tips for shy guys is to go out often and take part in activities where you can easily interact with other people.
Gyms, clubs, churches, and classes are great places to meet and talk to people without a ton of expectations.
The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become, and you may just meet some pretty interesting women in the process.
oRefrain From Viewing Women As An Object: You will have a much easier time approaching a woman and striking up a conversation if you do not view her only as a sexual object.
Women are very keen at sensing if a guy is truly interested in them, or if they are just looking for a fling.
oDo Not Place Women Out Of Reach: Just as you should not objectify women, you should also not feel as though they are too good for you.
If you give off the impression that you feel you cannot talk to a woman because she is out of your league, she will pick up on this and agree with you.
Chances are, she is just as nervous, and may be a very down to earth person who would enjoy a pleasant conversation.
oBe A Good Listener: This may just be the most important of the dating tips for shy guys.
Do not do all the talking.
Women want to be able to talk about themselves and feel as though you truly care and are listening.
Remember to ask questions, and take an interest in her responses.
oDo Not Fear Rejection: There is always the possibility that the woman may not be interested, and that is perfectly fine.
You cannot expect to succeed every single time.
Nothing in life is guaranteed, and this is no different in the dating world.
Leaving your shyness behind will take time and a good deal of practice.
Remember, keep things loose and casual and you will be on the road to dating success in no time
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