Darvocet Lawsuit And Heart Problems

For those of you who have consumed Darvocet and have faced innumerable health and heart related issues, or have lost someone close to you heart, our empathies go out to you.  You should now take steps and seek compensation for the loss of your loved ones. This article will speak to you about the Darvocet Warning and why you should get in touch immediately with a good lawyer and file a Darvocet Lawsuit for the same.

It was in the year 2010, in the month of November when the reputed FDA announced the recall and the Darvocet Warning. This made the product go off the shelves across the nation and all doctors and pharmacies were warned against the supplying and the recommendations for the same. DARVOCET was known to have increased heart problems amongst its consumers, and in some cases, fatal consequences as well. According to Darvocet Lawsuit experts, consumers should know that any painkiller which contains Propoxyphene or its generic drugs should be avoided at all costs.

The Darvocet Warning also clearly stated that the use of Propoxyphene is risky to the health of consumers and can alter the heart beat and electrical impulses to such an extent, where even death can be a possibility, and it has in many cases. If you think you are suffering because of this drug, please be aware of your right and check to see if you can qualify for a reasonable Darvocet Lawsuit and seek compensation for the same.

To use Darvocet, you should have a prescription from your doctor and it can be taken orally as a tab or even as a liquid as well. The FDA had to send out a Darvocet Warning in 2010 because it was flooded with complains from customers who suffered heart related issues, post the usage of Darvocet. Since 1957, the drug was used and taken a pain killer on a mild basis. But the painkilling drug had a combo of acetaminophen and Propoxyphene, a sure lethal combination if an overdose is administered to anyone, something which Xanodyne didn't warn the customers about. Hence, customers filed Darvocet Lawsuits and the lawyers are busy fighting the battles for their clients.

Many across the US consumed the drug without knowing the predicaments that would follow, some never even knew they wouldn't live to see the winters ahead. The government along with the FDA thus decided in 2010, it was a must to give out a Darvocet Warning to the public, so that they are aware of the consequences of the drug use. So folks, today if you feel you have qualified for Darvocet Lawsuit, don't waste time any further. Take action as need be and claim for compensation. Remember, the lives gone may not return, but with your generosity and awareness, there would be many others whose lives can be saved and with better alternatives as well. Life is one and we need to live it rightfully, let no drug take that away!

If you need any further info on Darvocet lawsuit or on Darvocet warning click on the links to learn more.
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