Arizona Medicinal Marijuana Law Guidelines

Are thinking of setting out a medical marijuana business? Or are you a patient who has hopes for the use of marijuana? Well, if you live in Arizona, there are rules and regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana. The Arizona medicinal marijuana laws set general guidelines about qualified patients, primary caregivers, dispensaries and clinics, and the proper behaviour when smoking marijuana. However, laws may also have weak spots. As for the Arizona medicinal marijuana law, it may seem to have certain issue with regards to driving vehicles under the influence of medical marijuana. Here are some tips and guidelines on how to become a qualified patient, primary caregiver, and to those who wants to put up a medical marijuana dispensary as a business.

• The maximum amount is 2.5 ounces per patient or caregiver. However in Oregon, qualified patients and primary caregivers are allowed to possess up to 24 ounces.

• Qualified patient and registered caregivers are allowed to grow and cultivate marijuana on their backyards up to 12 plants only. The plants must be grown in an enclosed and locked area preferably a closet, room, greenhouse or any other enclosed facility. There are no requirements for the enclosed or locked area.

• The registered primary caregiver should be at least 21 years of age and should be free of any liabilities or felonies. In Oregon, caregivers who are at age of 18 may be allowed to possess medical marijuana and there is no need for criminal background check.

• Caregivers can only handle a maximum of five patients and must ensure that each patient has a medical marijuana identification card. In Oregon, no limit on the number of patient per caregiver exists.

• Reimbursement may be given by the patient to the caregiver but never as a labour pay.

• Medical marijuana identification cards are valid only for one year and should include the photo, name, address, birth date, and an indication that the patient or caregiver are allowed to grow and cultivate marijuana.

• If no card has been issued by the state within 45 days, the application copy will be as effective as the card. In Oregon, application papers with the physician's recommendation and signature is as effective as the card from the date of filing.

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