Home Remedies To Prevent Cough

With the approaching winters, cold and cough could get really annoying while you are trying to make the most productive of your day. A dripping nose or several sneezes of dry cough would be the last thing you want while you are delivering an important presentation at office or while you are involved in an extremely important meeting which could be a milestone for your career. Being prepared with preventive measures for such problems could be a smarter way to keep your health in check while you head to the other important tasks.

Understanding the root cause of cough and cold will allow a deeper analysis of ways to cure or prevent it. Cold and cough are generally caused due a set of rhino-viruses that infect the cells lining the nose and then begin to reproduce. A weak immune system gives such viruses, a chance to attack the body and create a mess. However, cough and cold are generally known to cure by itself within a week. It does not require a horde of modern medicines that do more harm to your body than good. But, spending a week with cold and cough could also be quite annoying when that one week is crucial for your professional growth. Hence, it is better to undertake preventive measures through a few home remedies that are safe and effective.

We Indians are blessed with several home remedies to cure cough which include, having a cup of warm natural tea with squirted lemon and a spoon of honey. Honey coats the irritated throat and reduces the cough. Besides, chewing a small piece of fresh ginger is also very effective to fight cough. It will slowly reduce the impulse to cough. However, the master of all home remedies for cough is ‘Cod Liver Oil'. Its medicinal properties have been used since generations for various ailments. Even today researchers keep on discovering newer traits of this oil that can be used to treat various sicknesses and diseases.

Cod liver oil comprises rich quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA. Omega 3 is said to assist in giving relief from a consistent cold and cough by fighting those rhino-viruses, while vitamin A not only helps in maintaining a healthy overall growth but also contributes in strengthening the immune system. With a strong immune system, cold and cough will be distant relatives and even if they visit you once in a while, cod liver all does all that it takes to fight them off and bid them a farewell soon enough.

With the help of modern advancements, this oil is now available as a supplement that has been refined from its crude form, while retaining all its healing properties. Cod liver oil is made available in the form of liquid as well as soluble capsules. It is easy to consume and leaves your body in the fittest state to fight all the viruses causing cold and cough. This oil is also known for its miraculous properties of healing many major life threatening diseases. So in case of cold and cough, you can rely on this natural home remedy blindly, but obviously avoiding an overdose of it!
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