Your Creative Genius: Moving into Vision

There is truly magic inside of each individual.
No, not the magic made of illusion.
You have a creative genius, a gift of God, which was yours at birth.
You have the potential to bring this gift to the world in a very special way.
This divine gift often becomes apparent in childhood.
It may remain undiscovered until the adult years.
It may call until you have no choice but to listen and follow its urgings.
Whether or not you listen, it calls.
If you are still searching for that special gift, there is good news.
You can find it if you seek diligently.
The secret is to look and listen with your heart, not your eyes and ears.
Look past outer appearances and see possibilities that only your heart can see.
Your eyes see with brain-power.
Your heart sees with faith-power.
Your inner genius sees reality; the image it registers is joy.
It sees obstacles as stepping stones to a future filled with tremendous excitement.
Your creative genius speaks through feelings, urges, and coincidences that bring unexpected blessings.
When engaged in activities of its liking, you feel that you are living purposely.
Your actions are aligned with your deepest values.
The calling of your creative genius feels like an "action magnet" too strong to ignore.
What activity makes you feel ecstatically joyful and fills you with a sense of purpose and contentment? Remember when it first tugged at your heart? Remember how you knew something special had just happened? Your creative genius is always signaling and calling to you.
Stop today and listen for its quiet voice.
Look for the beauty of its vision with a new spiritual perspective.
Its image of inspiration and fulfillment is always moving into vision!
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